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*does the no-more-exams-til-january dance*

no, hang on. that doesn't look right...

*would do the no-more-exams-til-january dance, but is too bloody tired. does the no-more-exams-til-january slump instead*

there. much better.

all good fun today. we had essays and case studies this afternoon, all two hours of it, which comprised basically reading an obscenely long essay by italo calvino and learning it (or at least learning enough of it to be able to summarise and offer a critique) and then reading another load of essays by a particular author. i chose martin amis purely because he was snarky...

anyway, i spoke to kim this morning, one of the part-timers, and she did it last year - last year, they got to take the essay in with them. so me and clare were sitting in the library content in the knowledge that we didn't have to learn all of it because we'd have it there, and we get to the gym to discover that we're not allowed to have it there with us. and cue me going "okay, i know he mentioned something about computers..." and essentially making it up. but i think i did okay...

but still. no more exams! yay! except i'm meant to work tonight... but i'm so tired, i'll just call in and say "okay, do you really need me tonight, because, seriously, i'm going to be asleep by nine at this rate..." it's not super-hot, so hopefully it won't be too busy...

i'm addicted to cerys matthews...
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