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oh, frell them. frell them from here to hezmana! bloody hell!

it was the "frasier" finale, and i didn't actually know until the end. and i should've guessed, because it had all the usual signs of a "frasier" finale - another defining step to niles and daphne's relationship, and roz/frasier complications. and oh, dammit, the man is an idiot.

and roz is in love with him. i knew it. i knew it four sodding years ago :) and and the ultimatum and he's a sodding idiot, and now i have to wait til january (even though this was meant to be the final season. thank god they extended it for another year. that is no way to end a series.)

gahhhh! and it's the buffy finale on thursday and then there'll be nothing on all bloody summer. wonderful.
Tags: fandom: frasier
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