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buffy and sunset boulevard...

well, today, i went to MAC to see "sunset boulevard" on the big(ish) screen, with aisha. it was very cool; i got to recount the jeremystory all over again (always fun, and at least aisha's interested) and also discuss shipper theories after the movie. and things noticed this time:

1) when joe awakens that first morning in the room over the garage, surrounded by strewn-about scraps of screenplay, the page three sheets back is exactly the same as the page on the top of the pile on top of him. cheapskates :)

2) norma leaning on her knee when she first lets him read the script. dunno why, it just seemed more noticable and significant. mannerisms help my characterisation even if i do mostly follow the faith/jeremy performances. occasionally, i check back with the originals.

3) the fact that he actually says "happy new year, norma" and not just "happy new year" - somehow, i'd always managed to miss that.

4) norma's charlie chaplin impression. she did, i realise now, steal max's jacket, that he was wearing. the act is not shown, but on close scrutiny it is not only obviously his jacket (pale trim on the edge of the collar, and general size and shape compared to norma), but when he comes in to inform her about paramount calling, he's not wearing a jacket. max always wears a jacket. and so i spent the next five minutes or so trying to stop my muse from making me fic the sodding thing.

5) little details - the cigarette case and lighter she gives him actually come in a little presentation box, and that's what she hands to him. joe rolling up the dollar bill she gives him to get her cigarettes (not sure of the significance, but, again, mannerisms...) and then handing it back to her like that. max shushing him when they find out about gordon cole wanting to hire her car, as she re-emerges from stage 18. and many other little things. also, extending from the spinning-the-lighter moment, the look on his face when it stops spinning is dying for analysis. new task for when i'm back with the video...

so, yes. it was fabulous and wonderful. and brought back memories of the show, for some reason, or, at least, of all the various little differences in the character portrayals.

using buffyworld (which isn't dead) for my episode titles, and avoiding spoilers for "chosen" tomorrow night, here we have my various thoughts on each episode. this is as far as i can remember, because i watched most of these last night and one this afternoon, so my memory may be fuzzy. anyway, this is from where i got to last time...

first date
firstly: since when has xander ever gone out on a date where something horrible didn't happen to him, and why does he expect this one to be different?

secondly: i'm not going near robin/buffy with a barge-pole. it's bad and horrible and just no. and unsubtle though spike's attempt to go and find her was, i gotta hand it to him for not attacking wood on the spot.

loved the bit in the cemetery with spike and giles.

"anya said you were the first. you're supposed to be all... go through-able!"

"then, what the hell did you attack me for, you berk? what's that supposed to do?"

"oh. i, uh, didn't think of that..."

incidentally, i do believe this line could indicate the end of denial-buffy:

"why does everyone think i'm still in love with spike?"

note it's "still in love with" not "still think" - paging mr. freud ;) that's about all i can remember...

also liked xander's line about "going in blind", which is very apt considering what happens in a few episodes' time...

get it done
i don't recall being particularly vehement about this one. moving on...

whee! yay for silly post-modernism! although grrr to the fact that they are determined to torture the buffy/spike-ers til we crack - the fake kitchen filming with them NotQuiteKissing was frustrating, to say the least, even if it was funny. also love how, even in all the silliness, they got in the serious bit with andrew's tears closing the thingy... (yeah, i really paid attention :P)

lies my parents told me
hurrah for various guises of spike! and double hurrah for william, because he's still utterly adorable. and you know, i knew there had to be worst demons in his past than cecily. although i think mr. whedon has been reading too much anne rice - shades of the vampire lestat abound in this one.

it was nice linking up wood and spike through wood's mother, i have to admit. even if it did make wood the enemy for this episode (not that i'm complaining...) seriously, that guy needs some therapy. i mean, triggering spike so he turns 'real' vamp and looks like the monster who killed his mother, fair enough, but... um, hello, vampire. triggered vampire, liable to eat you in five seconds flat.

ugh. i'll just ignore that and cuddle spike a lot for having a sucky past (no pun intended...)

i'm annoyed, however, as a buffy/giles fan, that they had giles betray her like that. the giles i remember would, yes, want what's best for buffy, but i think he's being too over-protective. if she's over the incidents of "seeing red", and if spike clearly has no intention of repeating them (and the fact that he tried at all was, IMO, partially buffy's fault anyway...), it's not any of giles' business to go setting them both up...

there goes my buffy/giles vibe. i used to like giles. these past few episodes he's just been irritating.

moving on..

dirty girls
(i love how titles that are partially obscure before seeing an episode suddenly become incredibly clever when you do see them...)

so. faith's back. and caleb is in town. okay, at first i found him entirely too southern to take seriously (and was wondering if it was an in-joke to "american gothic" since the little boy in that was called caleb, and he was southern...) but after the xander thing. just. ick. *shudder*

actually, i think the xander-eye thing is about all i can remember. nasty...

empty places
all right. i'm in disbelief over the whole revolution thing. especially since willow AND xander were on the SITs' side. at least dawn was vaguely mature about it; she's infinitely less whiny and annoying this season, thank frell. and if i was buffy, i'd just say 'screw 'em' and leave. if they want faith to lead them so much, they can have her. (but then, i'm petulant...)

i really hope andrew doesn't end up dead. i like him :)

this is officially my favourite episode of season 7 (no, you'd never guess...) there shall be fic later of the buffyspike variety based around their conversation. i have all sorts of lines going around my head. but i digress...

i loved the fact that as soon as spike left the house to go find buffy, he was trying to sniff her out, but what i love more is the fact that it's been so long since he has... and he can still do it. that's just wonderful.

faith/robin - okay, so didn't see that one coming... although rather faith/robin than buffy/robin.

willow/kennedy - being scared of losing control is a valid excuse, i feel, for not sleeping with her. but it would have been nice if she was scared of forgetting about tara, too...

xander/anya - okay, look, you two. you're either together or you're not, but either way, you've got to stop with the random comfort sex... it's never exactly good for the sanity.

buffy/spike - oh. oh, my god. right. well, i knew this was going to happen, because i was spoiled for it. i could picture it in my head mostly (i had to; there are no sodding screencaps on buffyworld yet) and i wasn't far off when i saw it.

good things: spike being able to find her. the fact he could come in without an invite (which, to me, implies she knew he'd find her...) the conversation, in general. spike's mannerisms throughout, his various facial expressions - excited by the news he's got for her, and worried about her, and that familiar kitten-eyed desperation when he's pouring his heart out ('scuse me while i sigh like a victorian lady.) love spike. love spike lots. buffy is silly.

bad things: the fact that denail-buffy is still there, under the surface, although she's come a heck of a long way. the fact that she got it so wrong about spike's feelings. her cringing from his touch; clearly she's not as over 'it' as we thought.

fantastically wonderful things: buffy's expression when spike admits he still loves her - was that relief? i think it was. as if he'd ever stop, but... wow, that rocked. the fact that he's being honest with her and she's letting him... wonderful. and, oh, the "will you just hold me?" part - i cried. i honestly, seriously started crying my frelling eyes out and couldn't stop (and hence missed most of the robin/faith sequence) because it had been so long since we'd had any spuffy, and it was just so completely fabulous and gorgeous, and with the music, it was just... god. buffy has never affected me like this before. that's how good it was (and, okay, it was 3am...) also, the parallels between everyone else frelling each others' brains out (incidentally, we got a cut version of kennedy/willow, it seems...) and buffy and spike just... lying there, watching each other awake and sleeping. it was beautiful. and spike kissing her hair just... just wow. that's how it should have been...

end of days
which is why i'm going to poke buffy very, VERY hard for the end of her conversation with spike, and why i'm going to run joss whedon through with sharp pointy things.

actually, all told, their conversation was good. it was truthful, it was lovely, and it was so, so close to buffy actually admitting how she feels... except i honestly think, at this point, that she really doesn't know, only to spike, it's just another excuse. just judging from the look on his face, the sheer, utter hope in his expression, and the way it all fell when she asked if it mattered - that was the doozy. that was just plain not thinking ahead. of course it matters... i just can't believe buffy still hasn't realised how much it does matter that spike knows how she feels, either way.

ugh. cue much frustrated screaming.

and then, cue much swearing at the buffy/angel ending. i don't care if it's closure for the buffy/angel-ers. they GOT their sodding closure. the past two years have been about buffy and spike, and everything with angel is in the past. forgive me for being just slightly opinionated over this, but UGH. joss, you are a cruel, cruel man.

finale tomorrow night. prepare for my being a complete wreck, no matter what happens. and prepare for much fic.

fingers ache now.
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