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buffy finale ramblings...

and capitalised for your ease of reading ;)

Okay. Whoa. Willow said it all: "Oh. My. Goddess..."

Let's see what I can remember... right. Spent the first five minutes still wanting to poke Joss with lots of sharp things. Although I liked Caleb being sliced. Funny :)

Now for my obligatory shipper rant, part one: DOWN WITH BUFFY/ANGEL! They already got their closure in Season frelling One of "Angel". Don't give me the sodding 'first love' excuse, either. I'm happy, yes, that she admitted to Angel that she had feelings for Spike (pity Spike had run off to beat the crap out of the punchbag at the time...) but I'm less happy with the implication that her future is always embodied in Angel. Move on. Please. Vampire and Slayer will not work - and I realise this also applies to Spike, so don't even go there ;) Spike isn't cursed. It makes a world of difference... My point is, I think, that she and Angel may, yes, still be in love, but they're in love with their younger selves, back when Buffy was in High School, and they've been apart too long. Spike, on the other hand, is in love with Buffy now, and that's the difference. But more on Buffy/Spike later...

Dawn kicking her in the shin was funny :) Xander joking about the eye thing... not so much. Um... okay, can barely remember anything... Oh! Anya! And the bunnies! (Just to prove a phobia can come in useful...) And her saving Andrew's life! How much did that rock? And thank GOD they redeemed Giles. I was getting worried... I would, however, have appreciated more on the Buffy/Giles front at the end, there...

Okay. The ending. So not as horribly evil and scream-worthy as "Farscape"... but a fantastic ending nonetheless. For once, Joss actually gave us a positive outlook. Buffy can live a normal life, which is probably all she's ever wanted. Willow can be powerful without going veiny and scary. I think that Faith, with Robin's help, can at least stop with the bad girl image and lead an equally normal and lawful life. The world is semi-populated by Slayers, and everything will be fine. (And please, please, do push Giles into the hole... bloody pessimist...)

And finally, the Spuffy. It was not, by any stretch of the imagination, enough to satiate Nautica, but it was adequate, and something resembling closure, and at least Joss was kind. Loved the doodle of Angel on the punchbag *grin* and that entire conversation was all kinds of wonderful. As was Buffy initiating contact (echoing what Spike did two episodes ago, that she denied him...)

However. Nautica is complaining muchly over the fact that we didn't get to see them kiss even once this season (see rant under 'Storyteller' on previous post), except for Spike kissing her hair in 'Touched'. I like very much that nothing happened the first time (prior to Buffy being taunted by the First) and that they were just exchanging strength again (also liked that Spike, over-protective and "terrified" Spike, can roll over away from her knowing she'll still be there... even though she wasn't, but you know...) I'm marginally annoyed by the standing-at-opposite-sides-of-the-room thing, because even though there was enough of the shot to ascertain that something would happen, it would have been nice to, y'know, give us a little more...

Also, HOW adorable was Spike dreaming about drowning? *aw-face*

And we move onto Spike saving the world, or rather, Spike ending the apocalypse. I knew about this already, which is why I'm not wasting enery on ranting about it or screaming lots. I did whimper, though. It's just cruel. They always kill the cool ones. (Jadzia, Doyle, Tara, Spike...)

Tthe reason for my whimpering, if it's not obvious, was the Spuffy. Believe me, I'm as happy as anyone that she finally admitted it. But she has positively the worst timing in the universe. And I whimpered because he doesn't sodding believe her. And you know what? I honestly do not blame him. He spent the best part of last year being belittled, beaten down, beaten up, and generally insulted and hurt by her, and he never stopped loving her even when she refused to believe he was capable of it. So, okay, maybe she finally did start to accept it; maybe the bathroom incident was nasty and compounded the problem; maybe it also helped her come to terms with just how far she could push him. Spike has proven himself to her over and over again, and it's taken his getting a soul for her to even realise it. And all the while, whether she likes it or not, she has been falling in love with him, but Denial-Buffy is always on the outside putting on the defensive front.

Of course, it's not all Buffy's fault. Spike is still a vampire, and there's the bathroom thing. It's taken a while to rebuild (or even just plain build) any trust between them, and that's why "Touched" was just so wonderful - Buffy allowing Spike to just hold her, letting herself sleep in his arms. It's something of an unspoken affirmation to his question back in "Dead Things" of whether or not she trusts him - I think, now, she does. And I also think that right up until she actually admitted it to Angel - and herself - at the start of "Chosen", she honestly didn't know how she felt (going back to her conversation with Spike in "End of Days", she was just being honest. Honesty just happens to hurt him more when she doesn't think about how it's going to sound, and that's why I was pissed off with her over it.)

So basically, it took Spike sacrificing himself for the entire sodding world for Buffy to realise she loved him. And I think, despite everything, that she does. Or maybe she... she thinks she does, and maybe if they'd all survived, she knew they could have worked on it. She knew he wanted to hear it, just like she knew he wanted the truth. But the worst part is not that he doesn't believe her, but that he won't, after everything they've been through, and even proving that she trusts him isn't enough to make him believe it. As he put it: "I hear you say it, but..."

Ugh. I've utterly lost track of my rant. That's the gist, anyway. Now, I need comforting mindless fluffy fanfic. If fanfic.net breaks, I'm going to kill something.

well, it's all over with, then. no more 'scape (at least, not in the near future), no more buffy, no more decent trek, no more frasier til january (thank frell) and no more x-files. wow. the end of a lot of sodding eras.

does this mean i have to grow up?
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