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anyway. various things...

1) have received copy of homecoming (star trek: voyager post-finale novel, part one of two) from katie, stripped of front cover (so useful having her work in a bookshop!) and have read it all. well, the interesting bits, anyway. the writer is janeway/chakotay and seven/doc-friendly, so i read the shippyish bits for now, and will read the complicated klingon politics/borg plotline bits later...

2) got close up on sunset boulevard (sam staggs) from amazon and am looking forward immensely to reading it - plenty of snippets will doubtless be quoted. for example, off the back cover and to the best of my memory: nancy olsen thought she would be playing norma desmond (she plays betty schaeffer) and upon finding out who would really play the role, said "who the heck is gloria swanson?" ;) skimmed through and went "oo" a lot. should be interesting.

3) i think i'm in love with my monitor...

4) nobody's reviewing "cradle". you bastards.

5) i have a fic to complete for tomorrow. gah. make that for later... and i have no proof-reader who's seen season 7 of buffy. this is very annoying.

6) my room is tidy. it won't last, because we're planning on moving the bed at some point. for those who have seen my bed, you will understand why this task is somewhat daunting, to say the least.

7) before i forget, i took this ages ago and forgot to post it. a picture of my ceiling, which isn't finished yet, as taken with the digital camera a while back...

cool, huh? the walls, for the record, are the same yellow as the sun, with the window wall papered in blue-with-yellow-suns-and-moons wallpaper. and the blue seen on the ceiling is left over from the window wall of the lounge ;) the rest is done with various tester pots, which are piled up on a shelf at the moment. you can't see on this picture, but there's a UFO and a moon painted in one of the corners...
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