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right, let's see...

thursday night was spent at the briar rose. here's a formal apology to her for not turning up at revolution. by 8pm i was already too drunk to make it there and it's also a bloody long walk. anyway. to make up for that, here is the beginning of your present, because i have no money. i'll buy you a card at some point this week and stick it in the mail, if you would be so kind as to email me your postal address.

anyway. apologies again.

everyone else should click that link, too. it's my latest buffy fic, and spoils for season 7. anyway, spuffy fans, click away. and review!

so, the weekend after that was spent mostly with her, who came and invaded my house to watch season seven of buffy. so. friday was mainly spent watching buffy as far as showtime, i think. then saturday was spent watching the rest of it, finally finishing at 1.15am, and then we decided to watch cats, as you do... all this interspersed with eating. sort of. there's a limit, it seems, to how many pringles your body can actually cope with...

sunday - random films. hurrah! in searching for harry potter and the philosopher's stone, we discovered the intensely scary and very confusing cité des enfants perdue (the city of lost children), which is a bizarre french thing. and having finally sat through amélie on thursday, i gave up pretty much halfway through. anyway, then we watched harry potter, and then we watched ed wood (which led to us decided to randomly make a silent movie with transvestite vampires doing an array of bizarre hand gestures a la vampira and bela lugosi, entitled "bride of the hand!"... more on that when we have a plot premise...) through all this was much giggling and discussion on The Crossover, whose cast list is getting longer by the bloody minute. it's going to be... interesting, let me put it that way...

current favourite mental images:

1) harry, ron and hermione all bouncing around giles' ankles accusing each other of things, and him finally cracking and saying "look. i am not bloody dumbledore, all right?!"

2) dobby the house elf, in an attempt to save "mr potter, sir!" from the apocalyptic sock demon by banging his head against its leg.

3) spike, with kitten ears, playing a guitar in a drunken impromptu band formed so that lorne can read their future. to which lorne states, "okay, i can't see anything beyond the sexual tension. would you please stop?"

4) this one just came to me. d'argo being dragged around by his tongue by buffy, who has just overheard dawn telling someone that he 'tongued' her...

and many others. ohhh, dear...

so, yes, after that we decided it was just too much, and went for a walk. for three hours. to warley woods, infamous place-of-getting-very-lost. we got lost. because i couldn't find lightwoods park (eventually found it via hagley road after about 2 hours) and then went in search of a chip shop that was open because we were hungry. we failed in this endeavour and ended up going along my old road (eliminating two more chip shops in the process) and finally crawling into the local pizzaria to buy chicken and chips. it was that state of hunger where anything tastes good, even deep fried chicken and almost-potato. all in all, it was about a 5 mile walk. and then we decided to watch more films...

to wong foo, thanks for everything, julie newmar and the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert, to be precise. in that order, because she hadn't seen them. by 2am, the sheer utter adorable campness of the latter resulted in us bouncing up and down, giggling hysterically, and going "aw! aw! awwwwww!" at the blatant mitzi/felicia (or anthony/adam) slash. whee! or possibly even bernadette/mitzi. it's just one long flirt, really.

um. monday morning was spent watching the wizard of oz, just for a change of pace. for the first time, in all the fifty possible times i've seen it, i noticed that the scarecrow was carrying a gun in the forest... random, huh?

so that was the weekend. i'd catch up on my friends list but i'll be here all night. tomorrow...

(that link again: counterpoint - "touched". review. go on.)
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