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T'eyla Minh

oh! forgot!

again with the bizarre dreams, and having been getting reacquainted with season one of the x-files (amongst other series, such as buffy season 4, farscape season 1, roswell and beverly hills, 90210, of all things) it's prompted my brain to have another x-related dream, which hasn't happened properly in years...

let's see...

last night, i watched 'miracle man' (it's amazing how different they seem when you don't just skim to the good bits. that's partially why i'm re-watching them all.) and the dream was, apparently, the same episode, except, naturally, it didn't bear any resemblence. there was this entire section where the case turned personal for scully, because she knew the dead person. aforesaid dead person was the mascot for a sports team - the sport, from what i could ascertain, took place in a large swimming pool that was either in space or just very high up (heh. water-quidditch. :D) but whatever it was, the mascot was dressed as a large, red... thing. and it died by getting caught on a large wave and being tossed over the side of the pool. and for some reason, scully had been there.

anyway, whatever the reason, she was traumatised by the experience (i don't blame her...) and spent the rest of the 'episode' cuddling up to mulder (that, i will attribute to the fact that i went off randomly in search of stargate: sg-1 fic last night, and filtered by carter/jackson, on a whim, and one of the fics was them sharing a tent and sam complaining because daniel was thinking too much and she couldn't sleep. there was a line that was something like "teal'c may snore, but he doesn't mind my cuddling. he thinks it's cute..." - anyway, that's where that came from, i imagine. as a side note, why do i always manage to end up in minority shipper groups?)

where was i?

oh, yes, scully cuddling up to mulder. so, they were in the house of the person they were questioning... and i was there, for some reason, either helping them out, or local authority or another agent, or something, and i was desperate for the loo and couldn't get a word in to ask the owner if i could use his bathroom... and then this large bird hit the front window, and it was blue and had a face like homer simpson.

um. that looks silly written down.

then there was a bit that seemed to revolve around me and vickie bowling. randomness.

mind you, i seem to recall having a dream once where our intrepid agents were flying in a large, orange hot-air-balloon thing... actually, that was in a film with steve martin, but i never remember the title of it. he was playing a guy who wanted to adopt the girl he'd looked after since she was a few months old, i think. all very random.

gah. i should probably go to bed and stop talking...
Tags: dreams, fandom: x-files

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