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save me from wrong opinions...

this summer has actually been relatively painless on the father/grandmother front. i mean, i've done considerably less long rants about them, really. but i feel today warrants one.

mostly, it was bearable. my father spared me the running commentary on eastenders, and that was that. but my grandmother seems to get infinitely more irritating the more times i see her. i can actually feel myself turning into a stroppy teenager the longer she talks to me and asks me pointless questions. i can tell i'm about five seconds away from turning into kevin and doing the "it's so unfair!" snort...

anyway. i was watching VH1, having established there was nothing else particularly interesting on, and that eventually something amusing/good appears on the 'classic hits' selection. so. on came aerosmith's "don't wanna miss a thing", and my grandmother begins her own little running commentary (and every week we have to re-explain the entire 'music video' concept...) on how the singer is pulling stupid faces. i mean, yes, he does have an abnormally large mouth, but still... what, she'd prefer he stood there stock still and sang it with a perfectly straight face? she even complained about the violinist on the proms who was also pulling faces.

obviously the idea of 'feeling the music' is an alien one. and this from the woman who used to think i was cute when i did it...

she also seemed to find fault with the corrs' "runaway", although i couldn't establish what, exactly...

then, in the middle of a particularly unnoteworthy run, lo and behold, the video came on for "i love the nightlife", which was used on the "priscilla, queen of the desert" soundtrack. the video, for those who haven't seen it, has mitzi/agent brown/elrond guy (i forgot his real name and cannot be buggered to go and look) as a pilot (possibly. he's wearing a hat.) coming home to wife and kiddies and transforming into a drag queen. it's fabulous and very funny, and ends with an army of drag queens lip synching the lyrics. i may have to sit poised with a video one day... anyway. this led into a fairly civilised discussion on homosexuality in general.

she suspects nearly everyone she knows is a lesbian, which, if it wasn't so annoying, would be funny... the really irritating thing occurred when she decided that a woman of 70 was 'too old' to be a lesbian - my father, who is, of course, an expert in such matters - says that age makes no difference.

this is the man who, when i told him i had gay friends, claimed that 18 years old was too young to know. i brought this up with him, and then argued it vehemently...

it was all very arghish, but needless to say, she lost. oh, and i accused my father of being homophobic, and he said:

"i'm not afraid of men..."


oh! yes! that was it. she said it was "repulsive"... or some such. i forget the exact phrasing, but it wasn't polite. my answer was: "that's one of my best friends you're talking about."

score for me :D it shut her up, anyway.

i'm sure there was something else, but i can't remember what now. anyway, it was very frustrating today, and my being tired from moving furniture/stuff lately wasn't helping matters in the slightest.

only three more visits to go, and i'll be free til christmas...
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