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meme. once more.

i was trawling random journals (literally) trying to find something for u_make_lj_suck, just to prove my existence there, and in the end i gave up and started playing with the new style system (it doesn't let you have backgrounds. feh.) but i do vaguely recall spotting this on someone's journal, and since i'm bored, i shall do it myself...

in amphibolical order...

altoidsaddict - 'met' is probably too strong a word, but i became associated with her through her adding me to her friendslist, having found me through someone else. i feel somewhat privaleged to be on her friends list, even if i never comment...

carpathia - um. there are two schools of thought, and another one that rachel provided. i remember meeting her once on the school field before summer, and she was wearing The Yellow Dungarees, and then i got to know her properly through jennifer and the ever-infamous 834 bus. rachel seems to think that i knew her before then, but then, rachel also doesn't remember that it was her who introduced me to vickie...

cloudjuice - met initially through frightened and last_dance, i suppose, then met again by accident in town, and then met properly, for a weekend, at the con... we technically got talking first on AIM, though, when she randomly IMed me, and told me about said con. the james marsters/buffy thing is entirely her fault. :P

collie_wing - an old-timer from the "phantom" section of fanfic.net, who i used to chat with but then lost contact with. she IMed me a few months back with a change of name and spent a good few hours telling me her scary experience in the opera...

doec - ah, doec. i met doec in, naturally, the zen room; she was one of the old originals who'd been going for months. we met in december (1st, in fact) in 2000, and i'd been a zenner since september of that year and was already zen cat amongst other things. when i met doec, the host for the zen, beseen, was being an utter tralk, so everyone had migrated to AIM and ICQ, and that's how doec and i got talking. within two days, we'd decreed that we would be best friends, since neither of us had one in real life, and the rest, as they say, is history.

(doec, of course, is the future proprietor of minkatia, iowa's soon-to-be-infamous star trek themed coffeeshop, of which i will be the head waitress...)

ennixeve - met through the bbc farscape message board. we used to have 'conversations' on the board itself, but it wasn't until i offered to beta for her that we became friends. we met for real in november 2002 when she came to one of the DCU concerts.

ensignabby - she IMed me on MSN one night, although i now can't remember why, but i think it was to do with star trek: voyager and doc/seven pairing fics... she's also a phantom phan.

falling_softly - met at memorabilia 2000, through frightened and last_dance. then met again several months later at the square peg, where he defurred a furby (and the bugger still didn't die...) and then i helped paint his ceiling, and then, there was hallowe'en...

flatline2010 - met on the same day i met falling_softly for the second time. there's nothing much else to tell...

frightened - infamously, we met in drama club when i was in year 8 and she was in year 7. we were the world's most ungraceful dancing girls, and she hates me telling that story. ;) then we got reacquainted in sixth form, most likely in pij one wednesday afternoon...

herringprincess - i don't remember precisely when we met, but i know it was in first year. i recall we planted 'bombs' on the hand-drawn map of the school (i wonder if they still give those out?) and i managed to leave my entire games kit on the bus. oy. since then, we wrote red dwarf carols, created a theme park, and listened to a cursed troll, amongst others, and have since been reacquainted through randomly discovered email addresses...

last_dance - chamber choir. winpopup. etc. it all sort of blurs together, but i think it was one of those mutual "she seems interesting/nice" things.

magentawaters - another zenner from the good old days...

onecellbrain - met through cloudjuice at the con. much james-enduced giggling was shared. :)

queenc2346 - another zenner. i do remember having a conversation with her about phobias once...

scifinutter - officially, we met during challenge of management; unofficially, since he doesn't remember (:P), it was when carpathia set us up.

shibaiko - i know she added me through some mutual community, and i think it was stop_the_badfic, but it may just as easily have been u_make_lj_suck. whichever it was, i added her back...

shoeboxgirly - similarly met through chamber choir. random memories abound of singing in the playroom before a concert...

sweeterthing - like ennixeve, i met her through the farscape board and offered to beta for her. we met in person on september 28th 2002, which, of course, i only remember because it was the final night of sunset... but anyway. i beta her, she betas me, and it's all good...

translucent - an acquaintance from the 834, chamber choir, and through last_dance, although i've only really gotten to know her better this year.

there are others, but some are communities and some are deaded journals of people who don't post any more.

and, yes, this was pointless... but i get easily bored.

back at uni on saturday, and i'm only in 3 days a week the first semester, plus independent study tutorials. my tasks for when i get back are:

~ attempt to sell the doing-my-dissertation-on-fanfiction idea to dave ellis. failing that, seeing if he'll let me do phantom and its various adaptations, which i believe will be diana's area of expertise. i'm willing to do either. i'd love to do sunset, but the research involved would be hellish, and i can always do what i want to do for that in my spare time when i've graduated, and anyway, phantom is everywhere and there's probably quite a bit about it...
~ spend my entire year in the career's library looking panicked.
~ find a job nearer to halls, preferably city centre, even though i didn't technically leave the coopers arms. i love working there, but it's just too far away.
~ figure out how much money i need to see the fifteen million things that are now/will be showing at the hippodrome and the alex. i don't recall where each was, but the list was something like:

- cats (which is already booked anyway)
- chicago in december
- derek acorah (living tv's psychic medium. i just want to meet him. it must be fascinating.)
- whistle down the wind, which is either another tour, or the same one going around again... i shall presume the cast is different, seeing as the girl playinh swallow is now janet in rocky horror
- rocky horror in derby, in november (or so i've heard)
- grease in march, i think.
- the play what i wrote, which has a special mystery star guest at the end of every show. my inner celebrity whore can't resist.
- taboo (the boy george musical)
- jim davidson's sinderella (original london cast.)
- apparently, the vagina monologues, which i want to see anyway, is currently starring, or will be starring, gillian anderson, at the wolverhampton grand. although i don't know if it's true or not. my dad mentioned that he saw her on the poster and wondered what the hell it was (uncultured. bah.) but i have yet to actually check. wouldn't it rock to stage-door-stalk agent scully? huh?

and probably millions of other things, too. gah.

so, yeah. definitely needing a job, preferably at more than £4.20 an hour. why is the sodding figure of eight hiring now, huh? *mutters*
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