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internet is STILL down, hence, am using university computer. huuuuge monitor (screen-wise and actual depth-wise; god bless the LCD!) which is really high up, and horrible keyboards that i cannot type on. bah. anyway. yes. internet still down, apparently for another month.

we have a flat of netheads. you see our predicament.


ho hum. week finished now. assignment for apocalyptic and paranoid cultures is hideously evil and will involve doing Actual Work, which'll make a bloody change. ;)

have a random quiz, courtesy of frightened

Middle name: jane. there's not much else really goes with 'rebecca'...

Age ten years ago: eleven.

What were you doing before you were drawn to the computer? freaking out about foresaid assignment...

Shape of fingernails: longish, some longer than others, left hand all nicely shaped (and slightly split), right hand randomly chewed down. my nails are in horrible condition.

Hands: long and bony from years of piano-playing and typing too fast...

Earlobes attached or unattached: attached. i'm in a minority, apparently.

Opinion of self at current moment: Needs to stop being so spectacularly disorganised. (ditto...)

If you ran your own indie record company, what would you call it? i have no idea... i just sat through three hours of scary american lecturer. my brain is frazzled.

What is your opinion on downloading music? it's good, if you have the connection speed to do it...

Favourite record store: HMV purely because tower scares me and virgin's too expensive. and they have a good soundtrack section, as my bank balance all-too-often complains about...

Favourite music magazine: don't read any...

Favourite music-related movie: no idea... do musicals count? although "mr. holland's opus" was rather good, i seem to recall.

Favourite member of bands in general: singers. or anyone that can play an interesting instrument...

If I say "PURPLE", what do you think? hm. the word itself is vaguely amusing, and if someone ran up to me and yelled "PURPLE!" i'd probably burst out laughing...

Close relationship with your parents? with one, yes.

Ever had braces? no, but i'm pretty sure i've needed them for a while.

Sports? used to be good at swimming, and used to go trampolining, no longer do either.

Current music? as always, musicals. made a tracklist for what was meant to be a CD of my favourite bits of musicals, but it's ended up 41 tracks long and 135 minutes... so it'll be a double-CD instead. playlist to come when i've done it, in case anyone else wants to join in the musical-geekness.

Cleverest band name you've ever heard? can't think of any off the top of my head...

Favourite colour when you were really young: pink, i'm ashamed to admit.

Item of food you will never say no to: steak. or tuna mayonnaise. chocolate.

Morning routine: mutter confusedly, stagger out of bed, usual routine of cleaning, etc., breakfast of either cereal or toast, depending on how much time i have, sort out bag, attempt not to fall asleep, decide on walking or bussing, leave home...

Procrastinator? oh, definitely.

Type one line from a song: "nothing i have is truly mine" - dido, "life for rent", title song.

i think that's everything. i hate trying to be original on a strange computer...
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