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blah, blah.

some things:

1) i did, in fact, manage to get to tesco's, and did, in fact, buy lots of shopping. £20.00's worth, in fact, which wasn't so good, especially since it included a rather copious amount of Things I Didn't Really Need, like raspberry sorbet...

2) i attempted to make mashed potatoes for the second time ever, and the first time was in about year 9 for food tech. the first attempt went decidedly wrong and ended up very lumpy and runny at the same time (don't ask.) anyway, i managed to make mashed potatoes, with minimum lumps, and i'm very proud of myself.

3) and! last night i made a chicken korma with actual chicken in it. okay, so it was a tinned sauce (and a very oddly-coloured, at that), but if you know how much i hated touching raw meat, you'd be proud of me, too...

4) katie will be pleased to know that i finally managed to watch thelma and louise on monday night, except i was probably too tired to appreciate it...

5) i am cursed with a horrible affliction. as far as i know, it's not contagious, but i thought i'd warn you anyway. yes, i have the dreaded Soap Addiction. see, after farscape finished, everything else had, too, save for season 5 of buffy (and i like how the beeb conveniently ended the current series of points of view just at the point that lots of people are going to have realised they've missed half of season 7 of buffy. sneaky buggers.), but i'd already seen that. so i had to fall back on something else once frasier finished (talking of which, i wish they'd hurry up with that, already...) and that something else was, regrettably, eastenders. but in my defence, it was all nautica's fault, and also the writers' for creating kat and alfie. it was entirely unfair, and i didn't stand a chance. when soaps do the Tortured Soul thing and do it suprisingly well, what else do you expect?

anyway, because of this, i ended up taping all four episodes last week. mainly because i missed three of them with lectures and work, and also because the omnibus makes my brain ache after the first hour. but also because it was a very the graduate style stopping-the-wedding thing and i had to know what happened. and it was very, very adorable.

as for keeping them on the video... i have no excuse other than: this is me, people!

so... yeah. i think i'm definitely incurable...

6) went to talk to carl about independent studies, since dave is still away, and he's convinced it's definitely An English Thing rather than A Creative Writing Thing, which i suspected anyway. it's just got aspects of creative writing because it's about a form of creative writing. duh. anyway, i need dave to come back, like, now, so i can talk to him about it. the original plan was that my analysis bit was going to be comparing/contrasting (who remembers that from GCSE?) two different buffyfics and possibly a fic from something else like 'scape or POTO, for a style comparison. but then i realised the entire thing is just, well, post-modernism, so i'm going to ask if i can do that for my analysis instead, that is, comparing post-modernism to fanfiction to see if i can back up the argument that it's a post-modern genre. (technically, i don't need to back it up. it is.)

so basically, it's all a mess at the moment. i'll just hand in my proposal and hope...

and now i have two and a half hours to kill before my lecture (bloody tutorials), so i suppose i should do some work or something...
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