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right... so i went to my audition.

everyone was lovely and i was feeling less nervous and very psyched to do the audition. they led us to the soprano section and left us there to sing along (i think we are the only young people there... how frightening.) my mouth hurts from smiling....

we have to go back next week, 7.05 for our actual auditions. so now at least i can plan properly and prepare something. i just cannot decide what to do... your feedback on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

i have in my possession, the following scores...

all of the main songs of les mis. i can sing:
i dreamed a dream
castle on a cloud
on my own

all of phantom. i can sing:
think of me
wishing you were somehow here again

gus the theatre cat (but that's really a duet...)

tell me on a sunday:
tell me on a sunday
take that look off your face

as long as he needs me

and various weird chorus-y things.

jenny has all this and more, including lloyd webber's "pie jesu" (i prefer the faure, but i don't have a copy.)

your thoughts? i've got til tuesday, so... let me know, please :)
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