T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

oh dear. oh dear, oh dear...

in response to this, and because i'm bored, i give you:

pirates of the uncharted territories (or possibly peacekeepers of the caribbean)

jack sparrow - crais, who has had his ship, the black moya, stolen
will turner - john (obviously)
elizabeth - aeryn.
barbossa - d'argo
norrington - ack, um... oh, velorek. why not. or Annoying Blond Man from LATP
random pirates - everyone else
oh, and obviously chiana has to be the monkey...

you can see i haven't really thought it through that well...

pirates of sunnydale (because it has a similarly huge cast.)
jack sparrow - well, obviously, spike...
will turner - it should so be xander...
elizabeth - anya or buffy... either would work.
barbossa - giles (just picture him doing the accent.)
norrington - angel.
and more random pirates...

i suck. i'll try again when i've got the DVD...
Tags: fandom: general
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