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snurched off shibaiko because i procrastinate.

(changed, and somewhat cheated because i filtered out the community posts...)

*take the last sentence of the last 10 20 entries on your friends list and post them*
-> Silent porn!
-> Comitatus.
-> Lates', y'all.
-> and again i say, "eh."
-> Or Egypt.
-> 4. My head hurts.
-> I wonder if I'll have it again.
-> ( I like my women like I like my coffee: in a plastic cup! ) (an lj-cut)
-> Which is fine by me, because it's beautiful.
-> Eni is Confused: You can stop any time now.
-> 250. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
-> I'm done!
-> But please answer when I call you dear
-> :D
-> this 'otta be good.
-> Posts entry.
-> Ever.
-> I be so uncultured I guess.
-> ( 250 films ) (another lj-cut. stop taking memes, lorna. :P)
-> well, hey i thought it was about time i left a cheerfulish post.
Tags: memes

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