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tee hee

hm. is it a testimony to the sheer amount of badfic i've read suffered through that, upon finding a transcript of shakespeare's will, complete with original spellings, i am reminded only of badfic?

here, if people want to read it. it's quite interesting, but... yes. mister shakespeare, you are setting a bad example...

i'm at uni, if anyone's wondering. not strictly necessary for me to be here today, since it's the shakespeare today module, which is all online anyway. i just figured if i stayed in uni for three hours i'll get some work done, instead of trying to make a concerted effort at home and getting sidetracked... even if i get bored, i'll at least go to the library for an hour or two to do some reading for tomorrow evening. which reminds me, i have to read the poe short stories tonight. yay for poe!

also have to make another appointment to talk to dave about the dissertation; i've found the fics i'm going to use and sent him the links to look over, explained briefly why i chose them, but i still have to find one for 'scape. that shouldn't be too difficult. i'll go back to the early stuff on ffn before the badficcers found it. ;)

so, yeah. now i'm procrastinating... bad me. nothing much else of interest. going to book the ghostwalk tomorrow, probably, which means i have to get the DVD, and then not spend any more money until i've paid off what i bought from HMV... gah, i'm so glad i've got a job. i could really do with, y'know, another one, but then i'll never bloody sleep...

anyway. back to the shakespeare. keep the questionnaires coming!

addendum upon returning home: whilst just absenting gazing out of the window, i realised that I Can See The Factory From Here! it must be Fate. ;)

(it's in the bit that's not greyed out. you can just about see the remains of the roof. one day, that factory will be mine...)
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