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well, that was actually productive, and it worked, which is a miracle in itself. http://www.teylaminh.com now has a) another page and b) a link leading to that other page and c) a guestbook and d) something rather nifty using CSS and i-frames, which will be niftier when there's actual content to go with it. but still, it works, which is something...

and, for once, it actually remained pretty much true to how it was meant to look in my head, except the colours are different (my original plan was pretty aqua greens and such, but i've made it match the eyes-ness of the logo) and there's no longer a complicated border. although there may yet be a border. still pondering...

it works best in 1024x768, but it's viewable in 800x600, you just have to scroll more...

whee! website!

update: it has content. well, sort of. i've finally finished the splash and the links page in terms of design, and if you click on the 'when' link, i've put a nice update for you. :)

now sign the bloody guestbook. :P
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