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how very odd...

my parcel from katie has finally arrived. there was a parcel slip in my pigeon hole today with the words "see hall manager" on it, so naturally, i assumed i was in trouble for some bizarre unrelated thing - force of habit, i guess. anyway, the parcel had been sent by parcel force, which they don't deal with because they need signing for, and it had been in some person's room for ages and finally found its way down to the office.

as i was running to a lecture i didn't have time to actually pick it up, though, so i'll go and get it tomorrow.

in other news, my computer is being a complete arse and has so far, three times, for no seemingly apparent reason, decided to turn my CD-RWs into closed, non-do-anything-with-able CDs. this is very annoying. i'll attempt to format this one again once i've put everything on the hard drive for a third time, but i may give up and use a zip or two at this rate. but that's just irritating. i have a permanent zip that i used for writing and assignments, and the images are all on CD. i do that for a reason. i don't need my computer being randomly evil.

Tags: annoyances: modern technology, friends
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