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jonathan creek - some things

so, i watched it. i very nearly didn't, on a matter of principle. i saw the first episode of series four when it was on about this time last year, then missed the other two because i started working saturday nights. and as the rant last time stated (as did all subsequent rants), i was most annoyed by the fact that no mention was made in the slightest about the whereabouts of maddy. more on that later. have some random observations.

1) i still hate carla, though i'm starting to hate her less... her annoying qualities still exceed her redeeming ones, however. the most annoying thing, possibly, is the fact that i really like julia sawalha - well, i liked her lots in ab fab, anyway. i suppose it's a credit to her acting ability that she can make me detest her so much...

2) to make up for that, i rather love jonathan... the 'bigamy'/'bugger-me' line was fantastic. also the fact that he continually refuses to make carla's life any easier and doesn't help her in the slightest when she gets in trouble (i mean, compared to maddy in "mother redcap" with the rats, anyway...)

3) ade edmondson gets a 'yay!' all of his own...

4) i felt they gave us far too many clues in this one. i mean, i didn't figure it out, but there were still too many clues...

5) one great big, emphatic "hurrah!" for the fact that they bloody acknowledged maddy's existence! although for a moment i thought it was a completely different and unrelated maddy that was signing off the email until carla asked if he missed her. and the answer to that mystery - clearly, she stayed in america. at least they finally cleared that up, though a little explanation as to why would be nice. plausible, it may be, but it's rather, um, convenient, don't you think? nice to know she's still helping out. and signing off with kisses (five, if memory serves) and if jonathan's expression was anything to go by, yes, he does miss her, and there's a lot more going on there than it seems.

*grins at nautica, decides to let her play quietly*

6) grammar-vultures unite!! it's not quite being 'hung on a comma', but yay! Punctuation Matters! someone understands! (i'm even willing to overlook the convenience of the bug landing right there and in the exact same shape as a comma, just because there are bound to be quite a few audience members going "i don't get it...", and that amuses me and makes me want to throw things in equal measure...)

7) i am overcome by the urge to re-write this series (or possibly this and the last; i'm not entirely sure if this is just the other three episodes we never got to see last time or an entirely new series...) with maddy instead of carla. i had a line going around my head during that whole hair fiasco along the lines of "well, if you will persist in not growing your bloody hair out, what do you expect?" or something... plus a rather amusing mental image...

so, jonathan creek. beginning to wish i'd taped it now so i could re-read what we saw of that email...

also got around to watching the hours today. frelling wonderful movie. nicole kidman wholly deserved that best actress oscar for it. i'd say more, but... i won't, because it'll ruin the "oooh"ness of the surprise ending if i do. just watch it.
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