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yay to spoofiness!

i watched "galaxy quest" last night at long last!

star trek send ups are fun :)

tim allen is SO william shatner it's almost scary. and alan rickman's character is hilarious! and sigourney weaver is brilliant in it too! her character's character being the one who just repeats everything the computer says ("i only have one job on this ship! it's stupid, but i'm gonna do it anyway!") and the aliens were far too similar to romulans than can be good. and oh god! they had the in-one-episode-for-five-minutes-before-being-killed-off guy! and they even had the child prodigy, and he was just as irritating as wesley crusher/naomi wildman.

how much trek have these guys been watching???

the writers have been to far too many conventions, or spoken to too many trekkies, than can be healthy. they had every possible breed :)

- the techies, who know the ship backwards, forwards, and inside out, and can smell a plot hole a mile away, and actually understand all of that technical stuff.

- the inevitable set of girlies who inevitably have a crush on the lead male and inevitably giggle idiotically whenever he approaches them.

- the ones who spend hours making the costume of their favourite character (*ahem*, and we know NOBODY who does that...)

- the ones who idolise whichever character and learn all their catchphrases and vocal inflections :)

- and finally, the shippers!!! they actually had three shippers! and, unfortunately, they were FAR too accurate in their portrayal.

it cannot be good that i watched this and not only related, but cringed at my own trekkiness. still, it was fun :)

everyone who has ever watched trek EVER must see this film!! seriously! (it looks like they looked at our survival guide, naomi... or at least, did the same thing)
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