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cookery experiments...

so, i finally used the pork steaks i'd bought a while back (yes, i did freeze them :P) that i'd intended to feed to last_dance because i had a random pork craving.  but, being me, i decided to experiment. because it's always the best idea when you're a terrible cook, right?

anyway.  i grilled them, and grated some cheese, to which i added some of my greek herbs and some italian herbs, for interest, and saved the rest of the herbs for the mashed potatoes.  the cheese-herbs mixture was then melted in the oven (on top of the steaks, obviously) and... amazingly, it worked, and tasted nice, too.

and i'm not dead yet, so it can't have been poisonous.

i need to stop starting entries with 'so...'
Tags: love for food

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