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The Magical Mystery (Mickleover) Tour...

Well, that was interesting.  But first...

I nearly got to dance in snow while I was waiting for the bus. I surrepticiously tried to catch snowflakes on my tongue, but they started going in my eyes and I was struck by images of The Snow Queen and stopped... It had all finished by the time I walked home, alas...

Anyway, the interesting thing.  When the bus arrived, we all got on.  Then the driver got off, and took with her two girls that were sitting in the front.  They talked outside for a bit, then got back on.  Then the driver asked if anyone would mind, but the two girls were stranded and had to get to Etwall, so would it be all right if she turned the bus around and dropped them off?  There was a unanimous and emphatic reply in the positive, so off to Etwall we went.

Then she drove us all back to Derby, and got congratulated by everyone as they departed, and then dropped me off at the traffic lights rather than my stop, thus making my journey home shorter.  She rocks.  Can you imagine a Birmingham bus driver doing that?  No, I didn't think so...
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