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okay.  okay.  i'm calm.  really.

recently, the chaplaincy has been trying to organise who's going to their taize evening, including people to lead the singing.  and because it was all deeply religious and scary i decided to decline, by not saying anything...

so i just got a call off anne hollinghurst, asking if i was still on the mailing list and thus aware of aforesaid organising.  i said that i was.  they need more singers.  specifically, they need someone else to sing the descanty bits who is female, because they so far only have a male personage to do it.  so her first thought was me, naturally.

and i agreed, because i'm an attention seeker, and because it actually sounds like decent singing this time, as in, proper choral things rather than horrible christian pop things.

except it's on monday night, when i was meant to finishing up the second bit of my shakespeare today thing, and doing dissertation stuff (though i can do that on sunday, i guess), and i'll be arriving at 6.00 on no rehearsal having only received the damn stuff tomorrow morning and basically sightreading it, to meet the singing bloke to go over it.

and, if this wasn't terrifying enough, brother paulo from actual taize is coming, and it's in the cathedral for that reason, and one of the cathedral or possibly university bishops will be there, and a whole room of people, and what the hell am i doing???

*breathes*  am i insane?

i mean, yes, i'm very flattered that she thinks i'm good enough, and... okay, there's nothing quite like that adrenaline rush you get after a performance, and at least i don't have to talk (which, as i continually assert, is far more scary because i have less control over it...) but...

*trembles and gibbers terrifiedly*

and if any of you offer to come and hear me, i'll either be very grateful or hit you...

oh, and the first thing i said as soon as i put the phone down was "shit!", so... um, give me support that i don't say something incriminating towards my utter atheism when i inevitably meet br. paulo...

oh! and if that wasn't bad enough, i can't even sing that well because i'm recovering from a cold... but at least if i have a cough i can't feel my vocal cords...
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