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blahdeblah. i really need to start coming up with subjects...

so, the internet went down last night.  which was annoying, of course, but it's back now, so i can upload chapter two of the latest buffyfic. or rather, the first part of chapter two, since it's being ridiculously long.  why not just make the second part chapter three, you ask?  because i'm doing a song per chapter, and i've still got half the lyrics to do, that's why.

finally sold steve on the screenplay idea, even though i've now got a load of pointlessness i didn't really want in it just to make it more plotty... bah.  never mind.

my current desktop:

1. Why you choose the background color/image you did:  It's a picture last_dance sent me at random ages ago, and it occasionally becomes a desktop. usually i make custom colours for it, but this time i just went with the generic 'brick' theme from windows.
Why your toolbar is where it is: because i frequently have too many windows to leave it down the bottom...
Why the choices on your toolbar are present: was reading my friendslist, hence, it's the only window open...  on the taskbar i have all the things i use all the time up the top: IE, outlook, notepad, wordpad, word, works (though i use that rarely), photoshop, paint, livejournal client, AIM, MSN and YIM, and beneath the arrow is CuteCTP, quicktime, the yahoo!mail shortcut, the deadjournal client, and winamp, though i use those a lot less...  down the bottom is the usuals, plus the mouse settings, winamp (again, despite my telling it not to), the InCD and disc detector, scanner panel, norton, and livejournal...  which is precisely the reason my taskbar is vertical...
What the desktop icons are: i have lots less than usual, and could still get rid of a few.  i think they're all self-exlanatory, but the icons are left over from the 'science' theme i was just using... i may change them in a moment.
there ya go. :)
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