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the sad thing is, it's true...

you are a slave to your muse
You write because it's that or invest in a padded
cell - story ideas just come to you, and demand
to be written.  You see the scenes in your
head; the characters are all hanging out
between your ears having very interesting
conversations.  Maybe you're crazy - or maybe
you just have a gift.  

What Sort of Fanfic Author are You? (BtVS-themed pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

i think i might be able to use that in my dissertation, even.  how cool.  not the result, obviously, but the quiz itself.  most of those answers are the reasons i'm listing as why fanfiction happens...

on the real life side of things, i was tired yesterday, for no good reason.  on 7 hours sleep, you'd think your body would be able to cope.  which is a sure sign my sleeping pattern is completely and utterly frelled again, and if it wasn't before, it bloody is now.  i managed to sleep through my alarm (phone alarm, right next to my bed) and didn't drag myself out of bed til 3.30.  well, that's, like, 12 hours sleep.  bah.  well, i'm seeing dave at 1.00 on monday, so before then i need to:

~ read the two voyager novels katie sent me, because they're now going to be used in lieu of the 'scapefic i can no longer find.  (it was in my favourites before the computer died...)  also, since they're actual publications i might get bonus points.  and one of them's by jeri taylor, who wrote for the show.  she was the on-board 'shipper responsible for such gems as 'resolution' (J/C-introducing episode) and 'someone to watch over me' (7/D) and in all liklihood the paris/b'elanna shippy ones, too.  hence why it sucked so much after she left.
~ throw something together this weekend about the two buffy fics to show that i can, in fact, link them to postmodernism.
~ read hamlet for shakespeare today.
~ re-learn postmodernism. or, at least, re-learn the j.f.lyotard stuff...
~ try to get my sleeping pattern back to something resembling human...  i'm ever more convinced i should just give up and become nocturnal. it would make life so much easier.  plus, if i ever did go to america, there'd be no jetlag because i seem to live in EST anyway...

no problem... *eyebrow*

could do with not having to go to work tonight, but i'm comforting myself with the idea that it's only 3 weeks til easter (more or less) and even though i've got three extra shifts over the next 2 weeks, i do get at least £99 out of the bargain. plus extra because i have to travel half an hour in either direction for a 2-hour shift...
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