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and, as an annoying sidenote...

why can't everybody just use the same damn kind of videos?  and DVDs, for that matter?  i mean, CDs use the same damned format...

i want this, dammit!

i remember watching that when i was very small, and just now, completely at random, i got the 'things could be bad' song in my head.  i know i had it on tape at my dad's, but the liklihood now is that it's gone.  he only kept my duckula tapes because he liked them himself...  and, of course, it's not available in england.  i mean, there's a very distinct possibility that it's absolutely terrible (as i discovered with the live action/animated the water babies, even if the camp seahorse is fantastic...) but i want it!

though... i knew of a place in dudley that would convert them for you.  probably for some extortionate price.

gah. unfair. bastards.
Tags: nostalgia
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