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it's official! all i need to cheer me up sometimes is a mad episode of one of my favourite shows. "farscape" just gets cooler, i swear!

shippiness, cheesiness, stark-being-generally-insane-ness and crazy-psycho-crais!! as i did last week, points i'd like to mention..

~i knew it was gonna be good as soon as they had that sublimely idiotic opening scene. flying into a sun?? i mean, come on!
~talyn continues to get scarier... my reaction was the same as aeryn's: "what den?"
~wooooo! silly shippy scenes!!
~"the mist is not your friend." "right. bad mist." "naughty mist." (i just can't do it justice. it needs john's facial expression...)
~sorry, i just can't resist. i loved this line: "frell!" "yeah..." "no. no, no! i mean bad frell!" if we had any doubt to that word's definition, they just cleared it up for us.
~that mist was cool :) it made rygel more disgusting than usual (if that's even possible), it made john sarcastic and utterly hilarious, it made crais insane(-r), it made stark schizophrenic and it made aeryn... um... (someone else wanna come up with a description for that?)
~oh, yes. i liked this too: "crais, what are you-" "[cue random rantings from angrycrais]" "blast your way through?!" "yes. give me your weapon." "perhaps.... not." "i am captain of this vessel and i order you...!" aeryn looks like "you're what? "i am your captain!!!" aeryn snorts and runs off that makes me laugh every time... and yay! crais got her patented 'human nonsense' face instead of crichton!
~did i mention the shippiness? i'm sure i forgot...
~stark was actually vaguely likable!! and he got himself an imaginery friend :)
~ewww. okay, there was far too much biting going on, from rygel and aeryn...
~ "you're killing my zhaan."??? um... riiiight, john... the only two to top this were "you're like zhaan in so many ways" and "she's talking through me. it is her wish" accompanied by the "whatever" shrug.
~finally... stark looks worryingly more like a heroin addict every show...

any episode with constant shippy moments (i lost count!), angrycrais, innuendos, and weird alien dudes is good in my book.

and awwwww throughout, inbetween all the giggles. i think it was the writers who were being affected by the gas, not the characters...

but you just know (in fact, i do know) that pretty soon, a big explosion of angst is going to blow everything to hezmana again. no-one stays happy in a sci-fi universe, and least of all in the uncharted territories :)

p.s. i just watched "the kumars at no. 42". it's frelling hilarious! (either that, or chewing gum can be added to the list-of-things-that-make-me-hyper...)

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