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Mix Tape!

Sweet's tape just arrived. :D  Only 60 minutes, but she's forgiven because nevertheless it's a full tape.

Many thanks, Sweet!  You rock!  As does the tape; thoroughly enjoying already and I'm only on the first track...

Side A
Plumb - Real
Plumb - Sink 'n' Swim
Jewel - Hands (courtesy originally of Lloyd, obviously...)
Vanessa Carlton - Pretty Baby
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love (which, when it started, prompted me to go "I know this!")
Rod Stewart - I Was Only Joking
Elvis - Kentucky Rain
Elvis - Rubberneckin'

Side B
Mark Knopfler - Do America
George Benson - Love Ballad
Alison Krauss - Let Me Touch You For Awhile (country music is everyone's guilty pleasure...)
Darren Hayes - Creepin' Up On You (incidentally, Sweet - write that fanfic!)
Madonna - Don't Tell Me (I think I know this, too. I wonder how many Madonna tracks I'll end up with...)
David Gray - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

So, hurrah for Sweet being first!
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