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Oh, yes...

Incidentally, as well as missing the first half of last night's Frasier (whoever decided Wednesday night was Frasier-night needs their head screwing back on), I also managed to miss the final part of Life Begins - right when it was getting good.  Bad enough I missed the first two.  And yes, the ending was cliched and would probably neeever happen (I predicted, and saw the trailer at the end of last week's episode) but dammit, I was enjoying that...

Hm. I imagine it'll be on Living or UK Gold or something.  I'll just have to keep an eye out.

Oo.  I get to go home in a week and indulge in Angel season 5 and a taped Most Haunted Live (which will doubtless refuel the Muses for the original novel/story/novella/whatever that I never got the time to start...)  Hurrah!  It might actually make writing Angel into the latest epic Buffyfic possible...  I mean, he was going to be there anyway, but I made no promises towards the characterisation.

Stop spamming, woman.  Get ready for work.
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