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Announcement, to whom it may concern, and some more Phantom randomness


Was just emailed by the Clarelet, and she has suggested a meetingness on Monday 12th April (Easter Monday) at 8.00pm in the Briar Rose.  I imagine those this applies to will read this, and can pass on the message to those that can't/don't/won't...

Phantom randomness:

The good thing about wearing your obsessions like a badge of honour is that people give you random presents...  Vicky's Westlife concert tickets came through today, and ticketmaster sent her a flyer for Phantom of the Opera in with them, so she gave it to me.  Yay for advertising.  So, naturally, I had to scan it.  It took six attempts, so the least you can do is look. ;)

(Two pictures, each 750x524 pixels, for those on dialup...)

It's now sitting happily on my wardrobe next to collie_wing's wondrous picture...
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