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Before the real post, some random photos:

In reverse chronological order, we have:

Taken when Lorna wasn't paying attention.  Ha.

Sarra, her greebo flares, and her foot, obliterating Dave.  Apparently, he's met me before, but frelled if I can remember...

Clare and her bottle orchestra...

A rather blurry and psychotic-looking Clare.

Lorna, Naomi, Clare, and her pet man, Craig...

Blurred Lorna and applauding Naomi...

Lorna again, and Naomi's hat, with one of its googly lesbian eyes visible...

There's also an extreme close-up of me that Sarra took, but it's terrifying, so, um, you're not seeing it.

This is what happened when I tried to take a photo without the flash, in trees, at dusk.  *ahem*

This is what I was trying to take the picture of.  I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it looked interesting.

That's its head.

A view down through the trees from somewhere at the top of a hill.

Blair Witch moment. :)

I may have to turn this into a webpage, or something...  The view in the opposite direction.

The city from elsewhere on the same hill; it was a lot darker than the picture looks.

Took this for last_dance.  Not entirely sure what it is, but, um, it looked interesting...

The entry that Eni's been waiting for with baited breath, I'm sure ;), is coming momentarily...
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