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There is no hope whatsoever. I am hereby officially a lost cause.

But before I explain why... more photos. On Thursday we went to Merry Hill, and came back with stuff.  So, in the vein of queenc2346's recent post, here's what I got...


White kitten shirt with silly silver crown on it.  I just thought it was cute.

'Nother shirt that I just had to have...

Red skirt; you can't really see the detail that well.  It's sort of panelled in a zig-zaggy way, and it's knee-length.

Stripey mini-skirt.  I went in looking for a black one just slightly longer than my short tartan one, and ended up getting that one instead...

All from Red Herring.  There's also the jeans I was wearing Monday night, which I'm also wearing now, so will take the photo of them later.  In any case, they're Falmer's, they're cropped, greenish-coloured pale denim, and they have a chain hanging from them.  There's also an orange-and-white striped detail at the left side pocket...

Right, now for why I'm a lost cause...

Most Haunted.  For those who don't know: it's a series on Living TV that has acquired something of a cult following.  It basically involves a team going to the various supposed haunted places in Brtain to find out if they actually are, taking along a spiritualist medium, a paranormal investigator, a historian, and various technical guys, with lots of digital cameras and special equipment.  They've got some pretty good footage from some of them (an armchair being moved in a Dudley hotel, for one, as well as the medium getting possessed with more and more alarming regularity) but all of the footage is then studied by a parapsychologist and generally refuted as technical glitches/whatever.  All in all, it's just... pointless.  But fun, and quite interesting whether you're a believer or a sceptic. And very addictive, for several reasons:

1) It's presented by ex-children's television presenter, Yvette Fielding.  She's also the executive producer alongisde her husband, Karl Beattie (who, for the record, proposed to her on air on something else they both worked on, which is rather sweet...)  The fun with Yvette is that she gets very scared very quickly and screams a lot - though she's getting much braver - and it's absolutely hilarious...  I mean, it's cruel to laugh at her, but it's all part of the entertainment...  Lately she's actually getting more level-headed about it and trying to explain things in terms of what they could really be, rather than instantly assuming they're paranormal happenings, but she still clings to whichever male crew member happens to be nearest...
2) The medium, Derek Acorah, is a popular presence on Living TV and seems to have his own little fanbase...  He's from Liverpool and wanted to be a footballer when he was young, until his grandmother or aunt, possibly, honed his psychic abilities.  Whether you believe he's genuine or not, it's fascinating to watch...
3) Everyone has to throw tomatoes at Dr. Matthew Smith, the parapsychologist; we love to hate him because he's blatantly in the minority and he knows it.  I get the impression he's only there so we can boo him...
4) My general interest in all things paranormal is what made me watch it in the first place; the longer I watched it, though, the more I started to care about the people involved, which is probably how it is for everyone else, too.

Anyway, over the Easter weekend, they did a three-day (seven-and-a-half hours) investigation to find the spirit of Matthew Hopkins, witch-finder general from the 1600s.  It was really interesting.  Funniest moment was on Saturday night at their first location, where Yvette, Derek, and Matthew (Smith) were wandering along a beach following Derek's psychic lead, and Yvette got stuck in quicksand; it took four strong blokes, including Derek and Matthew, to pull her out (one at each limb), dragging her out of her wellies in the process.  They showed the clip four more times over the course of the night, including to Yvette herself later on, just to extend the embarrassment.  Aside from that, Matthew and Richard Felix (aforementioned Derby historian) got into a verbal spat, and clearly had to be separated after Friday's argument, since they were never in the same room together afterwards...  It's just so much more than a ghost hunt; it's fantastic entertainment in its own right, but only when you know the cast/crew/presenters well enough to care. :)

Long explanation, I know, but I'm probably the only one here who even knows what the Hell it is, let alone watches it...  But yes.  My lost-cause status...

See, I'm so used to watching epic, fictional, canon-based serieses, that I unconsciously apply the same rules to Most Haunted without actually realising it.  The presenters and crew are the characters; it's 'canon' is just previous investigations/occurrences.  And hence, naturally, the Inner Shipper, which is also a presence in and of itself (or herself, since it's blatantly female) takes over when I'm not paying attention, and before I know what's happening, I find myself shipping for the bloody thing.  To reiterate: it's a non-fictional, reality-based investigative television series with real people in real relationships that I have no right to dabble in, and I am shipping for it.  Specifically, I am shipping for Derek and Yvette, and, at the same time, Yvette/Karl...

The latter is fair enough because they're married and teh most adorablest couple evar.  But the really idiotic thing is Derek is also quite happily married to Gwen, and despite the fact that I know this, that I know they're real frelling people, Nautica persists in trying to make me ship for them.

Y'know what?  I blame the Derby Gaol investigation.  It was in series one; in one of the cells, Yvette was overcome by random inexplicable emotion and couldn't stop crying (she was fine once outside the cell.)  So Karl came to the rescue:

  But before he was alerted by a crew member, Derek was on hand to lend a shoulder to cry on:

  It can be attributed to the fact that he's generally a nice guy and can't stand to see a damsel in distress, but that was the moment that Nautica prodded me and said "Oo!"...

In any case, in order to get her to shut the Hell up, I'm doing a new original story based on the Most Haunted premise.  Details as I typed them up yesterday are under the cut.  I want to start it now, seeing as my characters have names and I have a plot and I really, really like the idea, but I will wait until I've done my dissertation.  Yes, I will.  Or maybe I'll do bits of my original thing after however many thousand words have been written...


Summary:  Essentially, it’s a love story involving four people, set against the backdrop of a television production.  There’s a twist, and as yet, I don’t know how it’s going to end.
(Dis)claimer:  *coughs*  Well, technically, this isn’t my completely original idea.  The characters and their surroundings are based on reality, but I’ve changed all the names to protect the innocent and oblivious.  The idea for the plot is mine, but is also based, in part, on that same reality.  Fans of “Most Haunted” will recognise this instantly, and will know exactly who I’m referencing with it.  I want the record to show that the real life counterparts of these characters do not know about this, and that this in no way reflects their situation, nor does it reflect how I think their situation is or should be.
Rating:  PG to PG-13.  Not sure yet.
Dedication:  To Yvette and Karl, Derek and Gwen, Richard, Phil, and all the others.  Oh, and Matthew, because he makes life more interesting.
Author’s Notes:  As I said, it’s only based partially on reality.  “Most Haunted” is a non-fictional television series and as such has no ‘characters’ nor ‘canon’; however, the characters in this are based on the presenters and crew of the series, using some of their idiosyncrasies and mannerisms.  Some of the situations described really happened to the presenters in the show, and have been adapted as is fitting for the story.  Clearly, I’m so used to canon series that my Inner Shipper prods me without my even realising it, and this is the result; after all, it’s bloody ridiculous to do fanfic for something that doesn’t even have a plot, and I don’t want to enter the realm of real-person fic because it’s wrong on far too many levels.  Nope, basing fictional characters on them is easier.

I’ll just shut up before I dig myself into an even bigger hole, and get on with it.

The players:

[Note: I'm hazarding complete guesses as to their ages...]

Yvelyn Meadows, 32, an investigative television presenter on “Spirit Watch” (previously “Ghost Watch”), also its executive producer, and originator of the initial idea.  Open-minded and harbours a belief in the paranormal, but still nervous of location shooting overnight – especially on her own – even though she’s getting better after three years.

Mark Rackham, 36, her husband, and the show’s producer and director.  Mainly stays behind-the-scenes or operating one of the cameras.  Open-minded but also sceptical and level-headed.

Alec Jesuda, 45, spiritualist medium on the show, and now a close friend of Yvelyn and Mark after three years working with them.  His spirit guide is Tom, a young boy from the 1700s.

Wendy Jesuda, 40, his wife.  She is Alec’s support and anchor during the show and on the rare occasions when he is possessed.

Dr. Thomas Fortune, 47, the researcher and historian for the show, also good friends with the previous four.  Open-minded and excitable, and enthusiastic about his work.

Dr. Robert Carpenter, 39, the resident sceptic and voice of logic, who examines the footage post-production and analyses it.  Is willing to believe if given unrefutable evidence, even though he manages to refute everything he sees.

Fred Adman, 31, paranormal investigator during location shoots.

Plus an assortment of technical operators on camera and sound in the close-knit team, including Stewart, the easily-frightened minicam operator, Cath, the makeup girl, and Matt, the sound guy.  Dr. Douglas Brown is a co-presenter for live shows, also a friend of the team.

[The names all seem really original until you compare them with those they're based on...

Yvelyn Meadows = Yvette Fielding.  I could easily make it spelled 'Evelyn', but in the show Derek calls her 'Yvvy' (pronounced 'Iv-ee') and I really like it, so it's spelt with a 'y' here.
Mark Rackham = Karl Beattie.  The name association there is probably only relevant if you're from Birmingham. (Think department stores...)
Alec and Wendy Jesuda = Derek and Gwen Acorah.  Bonus points if you can figure out how I created the surname.
Tom = Sam.  Sam is actually African, I think... If you Google Derek Acorah you'll find his website, if you're deathly curious.
Thomas Fortune = Richard Felix (geddit?)
Robert Carpenter = Matthew Smith
Fred Adman = Phil Whyman (the paranormal investigator.  Adman is the name of a local brewer, incidentally...)
Douglas Brown = David Bull.

So, yeah, not that original.]

The plot:

The team go to supposedly haunted locations and investigate them for the television series.  Yvelyn and Alec are both happily married to their respective other halves, and nobody suspects that anything might happen to disrupt the harmony for both couples.  Over the course of the series and three years of filming, they start to form a close friendship; everyone gets closer, but there is implicit trust because of the nature of the work, and because Wendy often cannot attend the locations with Alec, so either Yvelyn or Mark is responsible for Alec’s well-being during seances and mediumships.  Eventually, it reaches the stage where only Wendy or Yvelyn is able to pull him out of the trance-like state that happens during ‘possesssions’.  A strong mental/psychic connection forms between the two of them, a definite energy.  Fellow crew-members start to notice, and Wendy and Mark start to realise what’s going on; strain on the four people starts to affect the production of the show, and the public are starting to notice the change, especially after a certain incident during a live show [I'm not mentioning what; it'll be very cool, though.]  It eventually reaches the point where they both have to decide the best course of action – act on the energy between them and all it could mean, or change nothing, but end the series for good.

Honestly, it'll be better than it sounds.  I just have to do it before my brain explodes...

And now I want to make a Most Haunted LJ community to out all the fans.  Hm.  Yes.  I think I shall...  *toddles off to community-create*
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