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Second update.

1261 words total at the moment; intro is 301 (grr, stupid 1...) and the first chapter is 960, but there's still a bit to do.  Most of that is, admittedly, some ramble about dates when things happened, but, hey, it's all words, right?

Maybe if I try to average a chapter and a half per day...

Edit at 16.50:Chapter 1 done and standing quite happily at 1052 words, bringing my total to 1353 of 4000. I've now hit a dead end because I need to go to the library at Cedars tomorrow (assuming it's even open) and peruse a psychology textbook to see if there's anything on catharsis... Look, I need to reference something academic, okay? ;)

Still, I feel like I've done some work, and I had a feeling that once I got it started, it honestly wouldn't take that long. In any case, my brain's dissolving from overuse, so I'll read s'more of Mosaic (I finally finished Fire Ship; I managed to read half of it in 2 nights at home; it took me about a week to read three chapters when I was here...) and probably eat something, then see if I'm inspired later to do a bit about plagiarism... Or maybe the analysis section; I don't want to leave that til last and sit staring at it for five hours hoping it'll write itself, 'specially since I have to do 6000 words for that. Mind you, that's 6000 words to stretch over 5 texts...
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