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Frasier-type thoughts.

Well, that'd be the end of Maris, then.  Which is a good thing and a bad thing, in several ways.  It's a good thing because, for a start, she was Maris, and had to be gotten rid of even if she was less evil than Mel...  And it was done in a suitably bizarre Frasier-esque fashion.  The bad thing is... now I know for certain we're never going to get to actually damn well see her.  I always thought we eventually would - in the final episode, or something... but then, I also thought we'd eventually hear DS9's Morn say something, and we didn't.  Nevertheless... I thought we'd get to see Maris one of these days...

I guess we'll just have to content ourselves with the mental image of Lilith, only more terrifying...
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