T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

One boooooored little geek...

Well, I say 'bored'.  I mean, of course, 'procrastinating and determined to finish icon set tonight if I die trying'.  I think I may have to reinstall Photoshop, since it keeps closing for no reason... actually, I may time it in case it's some weird timeout thing...



There are no images of Matthew so I couldn't turn him into an icon. Richard is too green by far but I can't be bothered to fix him; the greenness in general is because they spend so much time filming using night-vision cameras so it's sort of their trademark...  Um... okay, Yvette is obvious; Derek, as mentioned, is their medium; Phil (Whyman) is the paranormal investigator, and IT technician by day (the sad thing is, he looks like one...); Richard is the Derby historian that'll be fangirled at some point; Karl is Yvette's husband and executive producer; Rick is... um... well, I'm not entirely sure what Rick does, but he's a behind-the-scenes person, possibly one of the mini-cam dudes; Kath's the make-up girl; and Tom's the sound man.  I put Kath in because there's just too many men on the team and it evens it out just a little; Tom's there because he's cute...

Hurrah for pointlessness! Now, to bed!
Tags: fandom: most haunted, icons & layouts, weird sleeping habits
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