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Update - yes, I am going to do these until I finish...

Current word count: 2490.  I could do 10 more to get it to 2500, but, well, I can't be arsed.  My "Legal Implications" section is done, albeit much shortened, and I've got the intro for the "Fanfiction in the Public Eye" chapter, which is basically dealing with what people think of it (writers, readers, those that hate it - and, of course, all my questionnaires were done by people who like fanfic, so I'll have to remember some of the things said by Cardelia on the Beeb board about it about a year ago...) and examples of 'official' fanfiction in the form of novelisations and 'sequels' to novels...  Should be good.  I need more bloody words, dammit.  Unless... oh, I guess I could shove the "Is It Post-Modern?" stuff into the analysis as a basis if I do run out of words in the history section... especially seeing as I have about 2000 words on that already and that only leaves 4000 for the analysis. ;)  Cunning.

Gnn.  On Monday I'll wander into Uni and investigate handing in and things... and see if I can find that .pdf file on UDo that told me all about handing it in...
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