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Oh, sweet irony, how we love thee...

By a very random and circuitous sequence of events, I was reading though an old MSN transcript of a conversation had with Shilpa over the summer, to try and find a bit of a conversation had with Jenny-in-Georgia in relation to the Sunset at Tiffany's ending ideas that I'd pasted, since the conversation with Jenny has disappeared, because I came up with another ending and then realised I couldn't remember the first two...  But anyway, I came across the following snippet of conversation:

Her: ooh have u been watching will and gracde?
Me: i never remember when it's on. and i have to be in the right mindset where i'm giggling inanely, which i'm not, currently.
Me: otherwise jack goes from being cute and adorable to cute and depressing...
Her: fair neough
Her: 9pm fridays
Me: right.
Her: just been moved
Me: i'll attempt to remember it...
Her: it was mucchly gd on friday
Me: also, i have to be able to fight nautica to the death.  she's determined to make me a jack/karen shipper...
Her: noooooooooooooooooo!
Me: when ideally, i imagine i should be at LEAST jack./will...
Her: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Me: no to both?  oy...
Her: yes indeed will and grace is my one programme unshipped
Me: heh.  blame nautica, not me. it happens without my even realising it.
Her: lol
Me: you know, i don't think i HAVE a programme unshipped...
Me: except possibly most haunted, but that doesn't count.

Also rather ironic seeing as I was reading truly appalling Karen/Jack fic not ten minutes ago.  Procrastination-by-badfic is the worst.

Incidentally, I still haven't found the bit of conversation I was looking for, and consequently have a half-written e-mail still awaiting completion... and I'm not doing any more work 'til it's done, either. :)
Tags: fandom: most haunted, random, shippiness
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