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Word count: 3818.  About to do some more after I've had a shower.  Checked the IS handbook, which says we have to hand in two copies, and that the CAMS handbook tells us about binding, which it does, so hurrah.  All I have to go in for now is to check the handin date for Creative Writing and get a coversheet.

Went to post office.  Eni's Sunset Boulevard CDs are in the post being sent first class, as is the other Top Secret Thing Sent To Someone's Parent.

Also went to check my post.  Eni's Hair CD has arrived, and I shall listen after aforesaid shower and dissertation-writing.  Told office lady about the annoying music-playing bloke beneath me (I know who it is, too.  His surname starts with the same letter as mine, so obviously, his post was in the same pigeon-hole.)  She said she'll tell the night supervisor to talk to him about it tonight, and if it doesn't stop, to phone up said night supervisor when it happens again.  Odds he won't play any music tonight?

Also, random amusement: Becky broke the microwave last night. Or, more specifically, she blew it up.  Well, it blew itself up, but she'd just used it, so I'm blaming her.  They've fixed it now, so none of us'll starve...

I'm sure there was something else...
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