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First section done!

Chapter breakdown:

Introduction -  290
What is Fanfiction? - 1130
Why Does Fanfiction Happen? - 1239
Legal Implications - 778
Fanfiction in the Public Eye - 675
What Are the Problems? - 425

Total for first section - 4537

(Gah, you can tell I'm running out of steam by the end, there...)

So, here's a plan: the post-modernism links are now going to form the start of my analysis bit, so I have less to write about the texts.  I'll do that after I've eaten, because it's easy, and then I'll finish reading 'Mosaic' and do a review of Hair, possibly not in that order...  I have about 3000 words on post-modernism already, but I can make it shorter, so... 2000 words on post-modernism, which leaves 4000 to do on the five texts.  That's 800 words per text.  Ish.

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