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Hair soundtrack review (ish) as promised...

I didn't get 3000 words done as I intended.  Well, I did, but about 2000 of them were just re-writing all the stuff I put in livejournal earlier.  Current word count is 5837, leaving 4163 to do on the texts.  Guh.  Wonder if I'll get away with it.  It was meant to be 40% on fanfiction itself and 60% analysis, and I've got more 40% fanfiction, 20% post-modernism and 40% analysis... but I guess the post-modernism/fanfiction links are sort of analysis.  Right?  Right?

Not looking forward to blagging said analysis, incidentally.  Though I know a few things I can say, and the fics have plenty of notes on 'em; it's just the Voyager novels I don't know what to say on...

Anyway.  Hair

The movie was random.  The soundtrack is even randomer, but, oddly, I can almost figure out what's going on in the extra songs.  I think if I hadn't seen the movie I'd be thoroughly confused, though.

In any case, I like it.  It's a musical; it's a given.  I think my favourite songs, at the moment, are probably:
~ "Aquarius" - it's hummable, and, for the moment, anyway, I remember it being in the film and have pleasant memories of sitting on Eni's bed wondering what the heck I'd just agreed to sit through, but figuring she deserved to get revenge after Quills if I didn't like it (which I did, so it was all good.)
~ "Air" - it's very random, and it's not every day you get the line, "Welcome, sulphur dioxide/Hello, carbon monoxide/The air, the air is everywhere" in a song... (I learn songs too fast. I don't know if that should be considered a skill or not.)
~ "Easy To Be Hard" - another I remember from the movie, and I liked it then, too.  It's angsty.  Of course I'm going to like it.
~ "Frank Mills" - non-movie song.  Sort of the "On My Own" of Hair, but that's a vast over-analysis.  It's... odd, but I like it.
~ "Black Boys"/"White Boys" - but only because I remember how amusing that bit of the movie was. :)
~ "What A Piece of Work is Man" - yes, it is the speech from Hamlet.  It's irritatingly hummable.
~ "Good Morning Starshine" - it was in The Springfield Files and I've always wondered what the rest of it sounded like.
~ "The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)" - odds are you'll know this; I did.  It's got that whole musical every-song-we've-had-so-far-as-a-medley feel to it, and it's poignant and possibly the saddest bit of the entire thing...

That being said, however, I like the entire thing.  Some bits of it remind me inexplicably of Little Shop (which I should also listen to since Lloyd went to so much trouble finding the full stage version; it brings back memories of Leeds and I have to be in the right mindset...) and Rocky Horror, but that could be because of when it was made...  But I think I shall have to make Eni bring her video down here if we can ever find the time to meet up again... then I can give a better review with comparisons and stuff.

But overall, two thumbs up.

Gah. Tired.  I will go to bed before 3am and get up before noon. I will.
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