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I'm doing work! I am!

...Okay, I'm really not.  But I will do some before I go to work, honest.  I had to do something else before I went completely braindead.  Unfortunately, my sidetracking got sidetracked...

All of these are scanned from last month's Sky Guide, Pirates of the Caribbean being the movie of the month on Sky Box Office.  Anyway.  Enjoy.

Front cover.  Obviously.

This was in the bottom corner of the index page.  Badly cut-out, for which I apologise.

Bottom left hand corner of the article/interview with him.  If anyone's deathly curious, I can copy it out, but not now.

Mr. and Mrs. Depp.  And it's a truly appalling scan.  Sorry.

The other page of the article.  Apart from actually getting three of his teeth capped for Pirates, I think that tattoo on his finger's real, too.  And, as an aside, doesn't he have pretty hands?

Also?  What is it with me and men who are 40?  I didn't find Johnny Depp even remotely attractive (except maybe in Edward Scissorhands/Sleepy Hollow, but I'm attributing that to Tim Burton scaring him pretty...) til he turned 40, ditto James Marsters, ditto David Hyde Pierce, etc, etc, etc.  Gah.  (Richard O'Brien being the obvious exception at 61...)

And, to that end, does anyone want a random pirate icon?


Right. Work now. Yes, indeed.
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