T'eyla Minh (teylaminh) wrote,
T'eyla Minh

Ah, frell it...

Managed to do 753 words, but my brain just isn't in it.  Word count now stands at 6445.  I have a plan!  Go me!  Observe:

I have 5000 words (ish) to fill. More like 4500, but anyway.  That means:

2000 on Carousel and Being Human analysis.
1000 on Willow In Wonderland (which, incidentally, is rather good...)
2000 on Fire Ship and Mosaic, the latter of which I have yet to finish reading.

Hurrah!  A plan.

Don't know what to do about the conclusion.

Also, I put my SPACKLIES stuff into an appendix yesterday, but seem to have lost 'eclecticism' and got three of the others twice, somehow, so I'll have to do that again when I get in tonight.  I will finish this bastard of a dissertation tomorrow, god dammit.

Ooh.  Reminds me.  *does test print to see if margins are still screwing up*  Hurrah.  They are not.
Tags: university
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