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It's all very well choosing fanfictions from Buffy because you know enough about it as a basis for comparison, but wow, it's amusing trying to write an academic essay about it.  It's not every day you get the phrase, "because she had to send her lover to Hell" in an essay...

(Don't ask.)

Incidentally, word count = 7178, 1486 of which are for the Buffy-fic analysis, leaving 2822 words to go.  Bugger.  Methinks I shall have to go over the word limit.

Oh, heck, it's not like they're going to sit there and count them.

*checks footnotes and appendices out of curiosity*  I have 408 words in footnotes (29 of them, so far) and 7159 in appendices (!)  Though, to be fair, about 3500 of that is the fanfictions themselves.

Edit (at 16.40): Word count is now 7745, and the short fic analysis is as done as it's going to be. There's much more I can say, but not enough words if I want to say enough about the longer one and the novels (which I still haven't finished reading; I'll take it to work tonight and read it on the bus, just so I can read enough for comparison...) I would do the WiW bit now, but my room is a complete mess, as is the desk, and I simply can't cope any more. Must... tidy...
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