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Change of plan...  Was going to do 1000 words on the longer Buffy-fic, but I've got 600 already and I'm only halfway through commenting on the first chapter (of 8), so, I think, I'll do 2000 on the fic, and 1000 on the Trek novels... my argument there is that, despite saying that the novelisations are basically just published fanfictions, they are, nonetheless, published, and also, one of them is by one of the creators, so it doesn't technically count as a fanfiction.  (And, of course, I still haven't finished Mosaic...)

There's not that much i can really say about them, though.  There are similarities and there are differences, I can just about relate them to the show, but only when I've figured out whem each was written and how that places them, season-wise, and there's comment I can make about Diane Carey in general, but... hm, I'm sure I'll think of a way to link them to post-modernism somehow...

Gah, gah, gah.  I will finish this tonight. I will.
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