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Y'know that feeling when you're climbing a hill, and after, say, an hour or so, you think that the top must surely be coming soon, but when you look up, there's another mile and a half to go and it's only getting steeper?  I'm having that feeling.

I've nearly done the Willow in Wonderland analysis, and much as I would like to finish the entire thing today, I don't think it's going to happen.  I can't get it bound* today (the printshop on Bridge Street was closed when I wandered past at half-three, for some unfathomable reason), and I suspect the Irongate stationers will be shut tomorrow.  So, I shall have to do it on Monday anyway.  Which is fine by me, because it gives me an extra day to read Mosaic...

I'll finish the WiW part, at least.  If I don't finish that, I'll lose the flow completely...

(Update, while I'm here:  WiW section has 1720 words, and my total is 9481.  Oh, yeah.)

I think I'm going to run out of hill. That should be interesting.

*Not 'binded', as the girl I overheard on the bus yesterday seemed to think...
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