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New icon!

Yes, I'm an addict.  This one was inspired by an old email from Jenny, since I was attempting to compile them all earlier.  We were having an exchange about the Sunset movie, including this particular scene, which is when Norma visits Paramount.  Joe sneaks off up to the Readers' office to chat with Betty, chucks some random ideas at her for their screenplay, and promptly legs it.  She threatens him with an apple as he runs off; it's amusing.  What's more amusing is Jenny's conviction that she should have actually thrown the damn thing at him, because it's rather pointless to threaten as such without following through.  So then, of course, I started thinking about what might have happened if she had, since I bet Joe'd have a lot of fun explaining that bruise away... *evil smile*

So, rather than trying to fic it, I iconed it.  Rather proud of this one...  (And I just bought new icon space so I can upload more than 15 without having to delete any more; I like them all.  Well, except my animated 'The Four' because it's jerky and badly done, so one day I'll make it better.  And now I can do the entire songset to "That I Would Be Good" and use them all...)

Now I have to mess with Vicky's new tattoo design.  We should be getting new ones on Saturday. :D

Edit, 02.20: I finally got around to making my "The Four" icon better. Here's the original and the new one (left and right respectively):


Much better, don't you agree? Plus, I finally managed to get my nifty fading in-and-out back. :)
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