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Best. Day. Ever.

Seriously.  I mean it.  Quite possibly the best day this entire year (at least until Woman in White, which'll be equally splendiferous.)

Okay, so, after going into uni to hand in my dissertation, which is a whole lot of goodness in itself, Vicky and I decided to go out for lunch, since she was meeting her friend Kirsty in town, and she had to get her Mallorca photos developed.  So off we went.  We met Kirsty, dropped the photos off, and had a pleasant meal at the Standing Order, our big used-to-be-a-bank Wetherspoon's.

Then we went to pick up the photos an hour later.

And all through this, it was delightfully sunny and lovely.  And then we thought, "Hey, tattoos, now there's an idea!"  (Must be the weather...)  Which was planned for, incidentally, and brought forward from next Saturday, when we'd intended to go, and also Wednesday, which is student-day, so we had our designs with us.

Mine was £30, hers was £80 (meh...)

Mine's on my left hip, just above the bone at hipster-trouser level; Vicky's is on her right ankle.

Mine took about five minutes; I was basically in and out in very little time at all, and hardly squirmed, surprisingly, considering that's my most ticklish place.  Vicky was in there at least an hour, but it was worth it.  Kirsty and I watched him colour it in for the last 15 minutes or so; I couldn't watch my own being done, but it's fascinating...

And, as if the post-tattoo-hyper wasn't good enough, when we left it was chucking it down with rain, great big globules of the stuff, through which we ran to Sainsbury's.  And as we were walking back along Friargate in slightly lighter rain...

the thunderstorm started!!!

Do you have any idea how long I have waited for this moment?  I got caught in a thunderstorm!!  And promptly started whooping and leaping around on the pavement, to the worry of most of the other pedestrians.  It's still going on, making my brain buzz and the floor vibrate. I apologise in advance if I manage to blow the flat up by having my computer on...

Dude!  Tattoo!!  Thunder!

Best. Day.  Ever.
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