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I'll get to post this at some point...

Internet's being an arse.  Naturally.  I wish they'd anticipate the fact that at the start of term there are inevitably going to be an entire university's worth of people trying to access the internet...

Anyway.  Got post today: random stuff from home including a post card from Katie from NY, a sock I lost before I came back (yay sock!) and a letter from the bank to inform me about the Chip and Pin system...

The other was a parcel containing Alison's mix tape.  Yay mix tape!  And it reminded me that I completely forgot to post the playlists of the other two.  So.

First was from last_dance, and was a CD, but since she made me a CD at Christmas, I'll let her off.
It's entitled One Cloudy Day.
Marylin Manson - The Nobodies (I requested this one.)
David Bowie - Five Years
Tom Waits - Small Change (Got Rained on with His .38)
Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows
Shiela Chandra - Lament of McCrimmon/Song of the Banshee
The Pentangle - Lyke Wake Dirge
Nirvana - The Show Must Go On
Jeferson Airplane - Blues from an Airplane
Tom Waits - No One Knows I'm Gone
Cztery Refy - Tyle Mamy Za Sob Przebytych Mil (at least, I think that's what it says...)
A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band - Sisters! Brothers! Small Boats of Fire are Falling from the Sky
Marylin Manson - The Nobodies (Acoustic)

So, lots of randomness there.  It's currently residing alongside the other random stuff I've already ripped to my HD.

Then, from translucent, which is labelled 12th/13th April, 2004 - well, it's certainly informative. :)
Jacques Loussiez (arr. of Bach) - Passacaglia in C minor
Clogs - Swarms
Claude Chalhouh (arr. of Satie) - Gnossienne
Kings Singers (arr. of Lennon/McCartney) - Eleanor Rigby
Mew - Saliva
The Cranberries - Daffodil Lament
Lady & Bird - Do What I Do
Yann Tiersen/Dominique Ané - Les Bras de Mer
Brad Mehldan (arr. of Radiohead) - Paranoid Android

Elbow - Powder Blue
Nick Drake - Fruit Tree
Belle & Sebastian - Waiting for the Moon to Rise
UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke - Rabbit in your Headlights
Goldfrapp - Deer Stop
Eva Cassidy - Autumn Leaves
Debbie Wiseman - Wilde
Bjork - Scatterheart
Anne Dudley - Veni Sancte Spiritus

(And it took me this long to figure out she'd put the artists on the other side of the playlist.  I'm utterly ashamed that I didn't guess either Yann Tiersen or Anne Dudley, but I suppose I should be glad I managed to guess Bjork...)

And, finally, herringprincess's arrived this morning.  I shall reply to her questions, etc, in this.  First off, her tape, letter, and padded envelope all smell of... well, I imagine something from Lush.  But very nice.  Vaguely sandalwood-y. :D  Mix tape and free scent!

Unimaginatively titled compilation
SIDE A (labelled, with the little stickers, "Alison is your MASTER and you will COPY her.")
Ben Folds 5 - Underground.  I do like the song, and yes, I do appreciate the sentiment.  Will stick the entire on my walkman for the next few journeys to work...
John Lee Hooker - something unnamed because the CD was in a jacket and not a box.
The Cranberries (first repeated band, woo!) - I Can't Be With You
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds.  Already knew this one. :)
Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Were Made For Walking. And this one. :)
Puccini - Humming Chorus.
Jeff Buckley - Lilac Wine.  Oddly enough, Katie Melua covers this one and I already liked it, so yay to that. :)
Tim Buckley - I Got Ten Thousand Troubles
Nick Drake - another unnamed.
Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side of Life. :D
Natalie Merchant, Billy Bragg, and Wilko - Way Over Yonder
Steve Millington - Heaven and Earth
Copland - unnamed again.

SIDE B (P.S. Did you like the subliminal messaging?)
Toyah Wilcox - Cabaret.  Alison, I do have a soundtrack, but it's the one from the movie and hence not that good (if irritatingly addictive.)  I've got the OCR London one on my amazon wishlist (Ruthie Henshall yay!) but I always say you can never have too many musicals...
Waldo Jeffers - Your Beautiful Hair
Belle & Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo
? - A Little on the Lonely Side
Taj Mahal
Idlewild - Discourage
Primus - Tommy the Cat. Haven't got this far yet.  Am now intrigued...
Sleeper - Nice Guy Eddie.  Ah, Alison's Britpop phase.  I remember that.  Have recently rediscovered Britpop thanks to the proliferation of music channels on Sky.
Dodgy - In A Room.  And yes, I wasn't really into, well, anything back then.  Until I discovered Catatonia.  Now I'm just... rediscovering everything.  Hence the requesting of mixtapes.
Elastica - Stutter
Fauré - something.
System of a Down - Atura
Jerry Lee Lewis - 60 Minute Man
The Chemical Brothers - something.

So, that's it.  Many thanks to Alison.  I'm only up to Way Over Yonder and thoroughly enjoying it so far.  This'll last me a few weeks going to and from work, so hurrah.

Keep them coming, people!  Incidentally, this challenge is open to people who live overseas, too, not just those I know in person.  If you want to send me anything, email me (this username-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) and I'll send you my address.  I'm not paranoid because I'm only living here for, like, two more months anyway, so if you want to stalk me, you'll end up stalking someone else.

I reiterate - SEND ME A MIX-TAPE!!  I'll listen to pretty much anything but rap and really, really annoying pop (and if anyone sends me Avril Lavigne, Britney or Steps, they're going to live to regret it...) so the choice beyond that is entirely up to you.  Send me music!  Feeeeed me!


That being over with, here's the CD I'm about to make for Katie.

Well, she likes Catatonia (my fault, obviously), so I'm going to eventually send her all the albums, starting with the earliest.  Well, technically.  The earliest I have, in any rate.  There's still one album I don't have, The Sublime Magic of Catatonia and it's incredibly expensive because it's practically unavailable. One day I shall have it!  Anyway.  Tracklist:

Catatonia - Catatonia 1993/1994 - the Crai EPs (For Tinkerbell & Hooked
For Tinkerbell - released 1993
1. For Tinkerbell
2. New Mercurial Heights
3. Dimbran
4. Sweet Catatonia
5. Gyda Gwen/New Mercurial Heights (Welsh Mix)

Hooked - released 1994
6. Hooked
7. Fall Beside Her
8. Difrychwelyd (Snail Ambition) - I've not yet found the lyrics to this one.  It's in Welsh, as is Gyda Gwen, but I know that one...

So, since that's only short, I'm adding, probably not in this order...
9. Thank U
10. Unsent
11. That I Would Be Good (all Alanis, from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, my favourite three tracks on the album)
12. Katie Melua - Turn to Tell (because I sent her the album already)
13. The USS Make Shit Up
14. Screw the Okampa (both Voltaire.  They amuse me)

And possibly some Evanescence, depending on the space left, and that'll be something that's not yet been released as a single (which doesn't leave much choice...)  May also stick some Savage Garden on if I can think of anything. I'll post a proper listing when it's done, along with whatever cover I manage to design...)
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