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I hate this room.  I hate my bed.  I hate living next to the boiler...

So, we went out for a very pleasant drink last night at The Standing Order, where I had the chicken pasta alfredo, which was very nice.  We left at about half past ten and got back for 10.50 or thereabouts, sat in Vicky's room for a while and chatted, then disbanded.  I checked email, had a brief comment tennis on Eni's DJ (who is quite possibly the only girl I know other than Katie who'd spend an entire night in a computer lab...) and went to bed at about 1.30, feeling incredibly tired.  Then remembered I had to copy out the class notes from Writing for TV to include as a 'notebook' (stupid, stupid criteria.  Stupid, I tell you.) after we'd had lots of debating over it in the last session over what 'notebook' constituted, so, anyway, at 2am I was ready to fall asleep.

So, naturally, I lay there for another 3 hours trying to sleep because it was so damned hot.  Incidentally, I tried moving the bed around 90 degrees.  I can still open the drawers, and it means it's under the window so there'd be more breeze, and I have a ridiculous amount of floor space, but it means that a) there's not really enough room for the chair to be in the right place for the keyboard and b) my head is still by the boiler...  So I moved it back again.

I reiterate, I hate living next to the boiler...

So I spent the night periodically waking up, and I'd planned on getting up at 10.00 so I could get my essay printed off and up to uni by 11.00ish.  I woke up at 11.30 by the phone ringing, found my phone (read: alarm clock) on the bed, and had no recollection of it even going off, even though it must have done because it was turned on...  I don't like it when I can't remember stuff like that; it freaks me out...

Hence, very tired now.  Was going to do more Shakespeare but will wait til after America Noir tonight (Buffy, yay!) when my brain's functioning a bit better.  Have some random lists:

Things That Were V. Annoying About Today
1) The bus, which is meant to come every 10 minutes, not turning up for half an hour.
2) A sign outside Student Services that warned of delays this week due to assignment deadlines (like, all of them) and, despite this, there only being three members of staff on out of a possible six...
3) The semi-functional lift in E-block.  In general.
4) Automatic doors that don't work unless you're in a wheelchair and hence low down enough for the sensor to activate...
5) Automatic doors in general.
6) Jackson's not having individual curry sauce packets, only large jars or tins, which means I'm going to have to do something experimental with my remaining chicken tonight...
7) Idiocy of the general public.  Example: whilst checking post, I discover a card addressed simply to 'Amy Oliver'.  Fair enough.  The problem?  It's been put into the 'A' pigeon-hole.  Which means Amy probably won't get it because her surname begins with 'O', and that's where she's going to check.  Some people shouldn't be allowed to think...

To counter that,

Things That Were Rather Good About Today
1) The semi-functional lift in E-block actually being functional...
2) Running into people I know with rather terrifying frequency, mostly in said lift, namely, scifinutter on the way up to the seventh floor, where I was going to see if Mary was in; Rob from Creative Writing, coming out of the lift as I was heading back down, having failed to find Mary; Mary herself, getting into the life as I was getting out, which turned out to be perfect timing as she wasn't even staying in the office...
3) Getting the results for the last batch of Shakespeare Today assignments:

~ For the Hamlet analysis, 7.5 (B+)
~ For one I barely remember even writing, 8 (A-)
~ For the 'putting-people-onto-a-photo-of-the-Atrium-and-pretending-its-The-Tempest' one, another 8.

Y'know, I think I might just scrape an A- on this thing...


So the good doesn't really outweigh the bad, but the bad is a result of my being tired and cranky...
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