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As if Lorna's Exorcist-in-30-seconds wasn't hysterical enough, there's this.  Amusing whether you're a fic reader or writer or both...

Anyway.  I will do my essay in a moment, honest, but first, here's the answers to the lyrics meme...

NB: All Alanis is from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, all Katie Melua from Call Off the Search unless otherwise stated, all Evanescence from Fallen, and all Savage Garden from Affirmation.
1. My black cab rolls through the neon disease. - Catatonia, Londinium, from Equally Cursed and Blessed
2. You know I'm hung up on you; easy to give in.  (One for Eni, there...) - Hair OST, Easy To Be Hard
3. How 'bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out?  How 'bout not equating death with stopping? - Alanis, Thank U
4. I thought make-believe was truer than life, but now it's all confusion. - Sunset Boulevard APR, Betty Schaefer (Judy Kuhn), Too Much In Love To Care
5. Love come quickly, because I don't think I can keep this monster in. - Savage Garden, Gunning Down Romance
6. Wearing smells from laboratories, facing a dying nation. (Another one for Eni...) - Hair OST, The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)
7. Look, here she comes, now.  Bow down and stare in wonder. - Evanescence, Everybody's Fool
8. Acting like a mover shaker dancing to Madonna, then you kissed me. - Savage Garden, Chained To You
9. We had nothing, nothing to lose, but the best days of our lives are gone so soon. (I don't expect anyone to get this... And no, it's not Summer of '69.) - Cerys Matthews, Four Cotton Dresses, the Caught In The Middle B-side
10. Feeling like I'm outside in the rain. (If nobody gets this, I shall be ashamed of you. :P) Rocky Horror Show OLC recording, Frank N Furter (Tim Curry), I'm Going Home
11. Oh, I'm soft in the middle, still hurtin' a little. - Cerys Matthews, Caught in the Middle
12. It's just that everywhere I go, all the buildings know your name, like photographs and memories of love. - Savage Garden, Lover After Me
13. That I would be loved, even when I numb myself. - Alanis, That I Would Be Good
14. Your voice, it chased away all the sanity in me. - Evanescence, My Immortal
15. But I think more than I ought to think, I do things I never should do. - Katie Melua, Lilac Wine
16. I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away. - Evanescence, Whisper
17. Forgive me if I seem to be impatient and obscene. - Catatonia, For Tinkerbell, from the Crai EPs
18. Aim for the burning sun you're trapped inside. - Savage Garden, You Can Still Be Free
19. I love you when you dance. - Alanis, So Pure
20. I miss the mess he made of my head when we fought. - Katie Melua, Turn To Tell, the Call Off the Search single B-side
21. It's said that you're the kind to run and hide, yeah. Catatonia, Fall Beside Her, Crai EPs
22. I lived like a wild and lonely soul, lost in a dream beyond control. - Katie Melua, Tiger In The Night
23. I've done a lot.  God knows, I've tried to find the truth - I've even lied.  (And if nobody gets that, again, I'll be ashamed of you.) - RHS, Superheroes
24. I dream one day I'll find the one who lives inside my mind, and they'll feel the same way, too - we've all been used. - Catatonia, Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised
25. We stole the songs from birds in trees. - Catatonia, Dead From The Waist Down, from Equally Cursed and Blessed
26. And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear (Don't disappoint me, people.) - RHS, Science Fiction: Double Feature
27. By the light of the night, it'll all seem all right - I'll get you a Satanic mechanic (So. Not. Random...) - RHS, Sweet Transvestite
28. They recommended counselling, but I don't need to talk. - Catatonia, Post Script, from ECAB
29. Another bruise to try and hide, another alibi to write. - Savage Garden, Two Beds and a Coffee Machine
30. I believe in you.  I'll give up everything just to find you. - Evanescence, Taking Over Me
31. I wonder is it wrong to feel so right? - Katie Melua, Blame It On The Moon
32. Subway makes me nervous, people pushing me too far. - Savage Garden, The Animal Song
33. I'm the lie living for you so you can hide. - Evanescence, Hello
34. A saxophone was blowing on a rock and roll show. - RHS, Hot Patootie
35. Watching me, wanting me, I can feel you pull me down. - Evanescence, Haunted
36. It's about being able to fly. It's about dying nine times. - Katie Melua, Belfast (Penguins and Cats)
37. Sometimes sanity takes vacation time on me. - Savage Garden, The Best Thing
38. Not tormented daily, defeated by you. - Evanescence, Going Under
39. Are you still mad I had an emotional affair? - Alanis, Are You Still Mad?
40. And if I say how I feel again, is it wise to do it? - Catatonia, Sweet Catatonia, Crai EPs

Didn't tally, but I'm pretty sure Eni won...
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