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May Ball, etc.

We survived. :)

Arrived at about 9.30 and promptly went to the Union Arms to get drinks, then wandered outside to investigate the fun fair.  There were no Waltzers :( but the Ferris Wheel and Dodgems were indeed free, as was the incredibly terrifying and bloody painful simulator...

Oh, yes, and when we arrived, we had our picture taken by a bloke from BBC Derby (for a best dressed couple competition.  It's amusing when people think me and Lloyd are a couple [more on that later...] :)  In any case, we could get a free meal out of it if we win.)  Then later on, we had our photo taken again by a woman from the Derby Telegraph, so I'll post links/scans if we appear on either...

*checks*  Ha! Why, here we are!  Vote for us.  You know you want to... :D  (Though they neglect to mention Lloyd's cat ears - well, my cat ears, that he chose to wear - which were undoubtedly the reason we got picked on...)

Incidentally, my stealing back the cat ears then resulted in us getting in an argument about it in the HEAP (where the live comedy was) and causing the girl a few rows back who started it, by addressing me as "girl with the cat ears", to apologise.  Amusement.  Comedy itself was also very funny.  Some bloke who randomly walked in and made an arse of himself had his phone stolen by the first comedian, got ejected by security, and lost his phone.  Still don't know if he actually got it back...

I ran into Clare (not Coleman; other Clare) randomly at about 3am, when we meandered inside to find somewhere to sit.  Her boyfriend kept falling asleep so she was chatting to us; we should both be visible on the Survivors Photo if it's ever put anywhere (I think it's in the Telegraph so will buy one later tonight...)  It also turned out she went to Lloyd's school, which was incredibly random...

Took some photos from the top of the ferris wheel, but they probably won't come out.  I have six left to take, so I'll probably take it with me when me and Vicky go to Alton Towers just to use it up...  Was going to post the picture she took of us before we left, but the one up there ^ is better... :)

Today I was very bad, and bought this:

Figurines of the characters from Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, namely:

Staring Girl

I once knew a girl
who would just stand there and stare.
At anyone or anything,
she seemed not to care.

She'd stare at the ground,
She'd stare at the sky.
She'd stare at you for hours
and you'd never know why.

But after winning the local staring contest,
she finally gave her eyes a well-deserved rest.
Brie Boy

Brie Boy had a dream he only had twice.
that his full, round head was only a slice.
The other children never let Brie Boy play...
...but at least he went well with a nice Chardonnay.
The Pin Cushion Queen

Life isn't easy
for the Pin Cushion Queen.
When she sits on her throne
pins push through her spleen.

Pin Cushion Queen is one of my favourites, hence getting that one.  They had Oyster Boy himself, but he was £13.50 with two others...  Guh.  I love Burton merchandising...

Anyway, photos coming later...  I'm bloody exhausted.  We got in at about 6.30 and I got about 5 hours sleep max...
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